Now that was a first!

You know what Wii did yesterday? 

We played Guitar Hero World Tour all day as a family. Our band Lice has almost cleared the easy level. ::w00t::

My kids are addicted to Animal Crossing. They get up in the morning to be the first to the store, because they want to buy a shovel. Of course, when I get up around 10 there’s no more shovel to buy. 😉 LovelyWife doesn’t get it. 

We ordered Chinese for dinner. It was weird.  You know what the difference is between Chow Mein and Chop Suey? Ten cents. We ordered both and got twice the same thing, but one dish was ten cents more. Who knew that “lemon shrimps” were shrimps in a fried ball with sweet lemon dipping sauce. Meh. This is why I rarely order Chinese food. 

LovelyWife succeeded in keeping the Christmas tree one more day at least… We’ll see what will happen tomorrow.

Did I mention that LovelyWife has her own blog now? I think I did…



  1. @Avitable: I played around a bit, and I think I’ll like the “sending letters” and “visiting other towns” aspects of it. I never got into the whole “Sims” thing, and it seems to me this is pretty much the same deal… But watching the kids laugh when they buy the only shovel available (so I won’t get it) or just reading along and writing letters, now that makes me smile…

  2. @Janelle: My Kids have always been geniuses. It’s getting them to be Evil Geniuses that is the real challenge. 😉 I’m glad Santa rocked your world. He failed to deliver Mario Kart here (oops!), so I guess I’ll have to take things into my own hands again. I’m such a good little helper.

  3. @SheilaCSR: Animal Crossing is like the Sims. It’s categorized as a “life simulator”. Unfortunately, I have a life… Somewhat. 🙂 So you’ve added LW to your feedreader… Checking “the competition” are we? LOL!

  4. Do you have a shovel yet? You’re gonna need one to bury the fruit I plan on sending you!!

    @Sheila…I will show you AC when you come visit. You poor, poor, deprived person:)

  5. We are all about the Rock Band action at this house. It’s tremendous fun.

    I need to look into this Animal Crossing thing. Sounds like something the guys would enjoy. Me, I don’t quite get it. (I said that about Facebook too.)

    Nats last blog post..The power of the five!

  6. @Becky: Yep, I got a Golden Shovel. 😉 Still can’t send a letter to you…

    @Nat: LovelyWife didn’t get it either. Now she can’t stop playing. 😉

  7. Ahh, but good Chinese food is really incredible if you go to the right place. For New Year’s Eve we started out at an awesome Chinese restaurant with some friends before going back to their house to see in the new year.

    At the moment I’m deciding on which console to buy. Will probably be a Wii as both my significant other and I want to try Wii Fit. Animal Crossing does look quite good. Hmm, but then I see Little Big Planet and drool over the PS3. Bugger, maybe buy both?

    Kevin Spencers last blog post..The New Year Begins

  8. @Kevin Spencer: I had this one incredible Chinese place in Ottawa, called “The Golden River” but it closed down. I don’t think I can find a place that will rival this one.

    Wii Fit is awesome if you’re into yoga, if not it’s a little repetitive. I hear Nintendo is publishing another training game, based on the “Biggest Loser” trainer, called Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009. This one I’ll get.

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