tYotP : A

This is the first in a series of posts in the Year of the Purge : A to Z. Every other Sunday, I’ll get rid of something starting today with the letter A and working my way to the letter Z by the end of December. Enjoy!

Awesome t-shirt

We’re starting this one with a bang! I already professed my undying love for that t-shirt here, so you know it’s an important piece of  Mikmorabilia. I bought the t-shirt in 1999.


This is the front of the shirt. You can clearly see that I’ve painted my house, 7 years ago, while wearing that shirt. You can see some white from the playroom, some pink from Zoé’s room and some glue stains from the floating floors of the office and the playroom. The t-shirt is also the size of a small country – it’s flat on my double size bed in this picture – and for a while it was the only shirt that would fit me properly. Now it’s about three sizes too big.


This is a close-up of the front collar. It’s just a few minor holes really.


The back is in much better shape. Some paint can be seen on the right sleeve.


The obligatory holes in the collar.

I told my kids I threw the t-shirt out, and Zoé was “Ohhhhh! You got rid of the t-shirt with 68 holes?” Yes, she counted them at some point. Isaac pointed out that all my t-shirts had 4 holes (neck, sleeves, bottom). Yep, he’s a regular comedian. I wonder where he gets that from.

And just like that, my awesome t-shirt is gone. That’s one hell of a way to kick off the year of the purge, if you ask me.



  1. @Miss Britt: I’ll get a guy to do that for me. No choice now. Or I just won’t paint… 😉

    @Crys: But LovelyWife despised that t-shirt, and I love LovelyWife, so it was just a matter of time before the “exit left” for the t-shirt really…

  2. @SheilaCSR: You know, go big or go home type of thing. ::bows down::

    @Suze: Thank you, thank you! I also threw out some underwear, but I didn’t think it was worth mentioning it. 😉

  3. @Dave2: I think LovelyWife is worried that I’d want to get rid of Zoé when I get to Z. 😉 No need to skip in 25 weeks, it falls between M and N. Look here. 😉

  4. I had a Def Leppard T-shirt in this condition (shut UP, it was from the ’80s), which I finally tossed out. I’ve regretted it ever since. It was a tangible memory, yanno? I used to always wear it when I moved into a new place. Five years later, I’m still sorry I parted with it. I mean, I could’ve made a pillow out of it or something.

    Best of luck with your purging!

    SJs last blog post..Open door, passed by

  5. I have a t-shirt that I refuse to throw away that is in much worse shape. But I bought it at The Green Parrot (my favorite bar in the world) in Key West back in 1996 so it isn’t going anywhere.

    B.E. Earls last blog post..Another test

  6. @SJ: I love Def Leppard, I’m from the ’80s too you know. 😉 I think Mine was a little too bland for a pillow, and it did have some sentimental value, but I’ll survive. I think. 😉

    @B.E. Earl: Hey, welcome here! I am lurking on your blog too… I think that if that shirt had more sentimental value I would’ve kept it (at least until the “T” Sunday rolled around. Good things have already happened because I threw away the t-shirt…

  7. @Becky: A story was told, and it came to it’s conclusion. 😉 Actually, there’s a new story about that t-shirt now, and that’s a future post…

    @Delmer: It could’ve been worst. You could’ve said it looked like I was slow dancing with Bill Clinton. 😉

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