The Chandelier adventures (Opus II)

I’m writing this a little in advance, so I might be dead as you read this.

I know it’s a little dramatic, but you know working with electricity might be a little dangerous, especially since my life insurance policy is paid in full.

LovelyWife: Are you okay working with those wires? Are the life insurance premiums paid?

Me: Yes they are. Don’t worry!

LovelyWife: Do you want to stand in that bowl of water then? Can’t you strip these wires this with your teeth? Do you mind wearing these tinfoil underpants and that metal face plate?

Me: Har har.

Anyways, a little before our Christmas travel to Sherbrooke, our Chandelier exploded. And I don’t mean just stopped working, I mean stopped working with a giant flash and a slight burning smell. So I did what anyone would do when faced with such a situation on December 22nd late at night, I just dismantled the thing, and posted a picture on-line for your viewing pleasure (re-posted here).


But after a while, candlelit dinners – although nice – become a little hillbilly-esque. It’s time to fix the darn chandelier.

So we get a new one, and I install it. it’s really easy right? Power wire to the red wire, neutral to the white. I’m really smart, so before I close everything, I figure I’ll try it with one light bulb only, and if it works I’ll close everything. well, it didn’t work.

Maybe I inverted the wires. Nope. still not working. Time for my trusty tester. Red on red, white on white, flip the switch… Nothing. Flip the wires, still nothing. But the red wire makes little tiny sparks when I touch the tester to it. Mmmmm. Maybe I messed up and the wires were really connected to the black wires inside… Let’s try to get the tester to touch the red and black


Wow, there goes my trusty tester.

It was time to turn to a professional. And my that, I mean it was time to send a Tweet asking other Twitterers about electricity. Apparently, it could be my ground on the white wire or the switch itself. Armed with that knowledge, I drove down to RONA and hunted for supplies, and a new trusty tester.

Well, about an hour later, here is is, our new chandelier!


Look at that! it works!


A little closer, just for fun.

I’d like to thank Sheila’s RLH (Real Life Husband) for all his help through Twitter and GTalk. 😉 Thank you for not making me kill myself. 😉

Of course, as soon as it was up, LovelyWife had a few critiques helpful suggestions thoughts to share.

And so concludes the chandelier adventures.

Until something else breaks, this is LeSombre signing off. Remember: if it’s not broken, don’t touch it! But if it’s broken, dismantle it quickly and then complain about it for a few days until the problem goes away! Hey, it worked for LovelyWife.



  1. Sheila stole my Uncle Fester comment!! Anyway, congrats on fixing it without injuring yourself in any way….and I like your dining room chairs:)

  2. @Avitable: Ha!

    @NYCWD: Expect slight delays while I make my way to NY. Buy candles. 😉

    @SheilaCSR: I’m a regular Fester all right! 😉

    @Suze: Ah, the “taller” excuse. I hear that a lot. LovelyWife is 5’2″. I like the colors too!

    @Becky: We tried to get 2 more chairs, but apparently they don’t make them anymore. 😦 If you see more, let me know!

    @Coal Miner’s Granddaughter: Thanks, I think the chandelier was the one most suited to the rest of the style of the dining room. And that means when we get a new table, we’ll probably get another chandelier. Number 7 I believe…

    @SJ: We use to live in white only, but changed this when we moved here about 10 years ago. I think the house could benefit from a fresh coat of paint inside, but that’ll have to wait spring or summer. 😉

  3. Nice job on the electrical work!

    I like the look of the room the chandelier is in and the way the place mats match the wall coloring — you are truly in touch with your feminine side.

    Is the rope on one of the chairs for restraining children?

    One of the guys at work replaced a ceiling fan. It wasn’t until he connected the live wire, and the fan started spinning, that he’d realized he’d turned off the wrong wall switch. Luckily, and despite the way this sounds, he’s over cautious and the other steps he followed kept him from getting zapped.

    delmers last blog post..I think we all knew this

  4. @Delmer: Well, my friend Craig said it when he wrote the #99 in my about me section:

    99. You have the best interior decorating ideas of any heterosexual man I have ever met.

    And that rope is actually the belt of my Fester’s costume. The kids play with it. 😉

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