The Elephant post


It’s amazing the stuff you can talk about in a semi-intelligent manner while doing mindless things. Here I was on Twitter, not talking about my super-secret project, when I had this surreal exchange with Sarcastica:

@Sarcastica:  its my belated birthday present, isn’t it!!! you’re building me an elephant!! aren’t you?

@LeSombre:: Hey, when was your B-Day? And most importantly, what would you do with an elephant?

@Sarcastica: June 15th lmfao and it would be my pet! I would ride it to the grocery store and save tons of money on gas and car insurance 🙂 …of course I would hope you would include a little pooper scooper guy to clean up any trail mix on the way there!

@LeSombre: Now I’m curious to compare the cost of feeding an elephant and fueling a car. There’s a blog post in there. 😉 Or a T-Shirt: “My other car is an elephant.” 🙂

@Sarcastica: YES! I SO want that shirt!

And BTW Sarcastica Tweets like a woman on fire, I had to go back 7 pages on her Twitter profile to get her exact Tweets. So if you’re not following her, and decide to do so, just be aware that it’ll keep you entertained. A lot. 😉

So I didn’t find a complete essay on the cost of fueling a car and feeding an elephant, but I did manage to find this even stranger discussion about getting an elephant.

The Protector

That is by far the worst movie involving elephants that I’ve seen in all my life. “You stole my elephant!” What a piece of crap.

The obligatory part about fat people

It seriously crack me up when they stretch the picture on TV to make people appear thinner. It didn’t fool anyone when they used to do that in Heart videos, and now they do this in the latest Jici Lauzon commercial. I wish they made that technology portable, I’d carry it around permanently.

The elephant in the room

I work with fools. Now if that is not the elephant in the room, I don’t know what is.



  1. I’m BORED what do you EXPECT lmfao!
    Theres never anything on TV and I’ve already caught up on my Google Reader for today. Hahah. And the house is clean 😛

    P.S. Twittering isn’t the only thing I do on fire! I also…hmm. Well maybe it is. But in my defense, the BlackBerry application makes it WAY to easy to Twitter anywhere, including the bathroom. I’m just saying!!

    Sarcasticas last blog post..I’ve not yet said the word vaginally on this blog

  2. @Hilly: I heart cryptic Hilly. 😉

    @Karen Sugarpants: Did you ever stop to think she could be one day changing your diapers? 😛

    @Avitable: Twitteraniac.

    @Sarcastica: Oh no! You’re a Brownberry owner.

    @Delmer: That crazy bugger is on Twitter? Woah.

    @Becky: I gotta ask: What would you do with a zebra?

    @Ginger: What cracks me up more is that somewhere, someone said: “Hey, we could stretch the image!” and another guy said “That’s a great idea!”. ;-P

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