Life Simulation

I’ve been busy lately.

I mean, it’s not just the constant errands to run, the taking care of the house and the shopping, plus the bus trips downtown. It’s the fishing, the shaking of the trees and collecting of pears, the talking to all the animals…


Me and my co-worker K-Girl. Notice my little character with the “Meh.” shirt?

Now if I could only find a way to start a blog in Somburg…

LeSombre @ Somburg
Wii: 7927-2462-8403-7634
AC Friend Code: 3523-6414-2046

Guest Post for me, will ya?

As some of you might have heard from my constant Tweeting or by dropping by here ever so often, I will be in Africa from January 22nd to February 1st.  Instead of pre-canning a whole lotta posts before I leave and letting you experience stuff that has nothing with curernt events, I’m throwing this out there:

Would you consider guest-posting here?

I have 9 available days, from Jan 23 to Jan 31 included. I’m coming back on Feb 1st, but I already have a post canned for that day. Anyways, just register here (bottom right), and then email me at lesombre at gmail dot com if interested. I’ll bump your profile to author, we can agree on a date and Bob’s your uncle! 😉

Update: To my amazement, I already have 3 firm yes, and 3 maybes in the wings. I am humbled by your keen responses. Come on, don’t be shy! You know you waaaaaant to! Some of you asked about rules and topics. There are no rules – obviously, try to stay away from porn – and no assigned topics. This is just you, guest posting.

Available dates:

Friday, January 23
Saturay, January 24
Sunday, January 25
Monday, January 26
Tuesday, January 27
Wednesday, January 28
Thursday, January 29
Friday, January 30
Saturay, January 31

I’ll announce the list with name before I leave (unless someone wants to keep it secret until the post, let me know!).



  1. Hehehe…your Mii looks like a little serial killer, I love it:) One of these days we should be busy shaking trees and fishing at the same time! I hate all kinds of fruit to share.

    Just email me the date you want me to do so I can start working on it!!

    Beckys last blog post..Beautifully Obscene

  2. Oh god, The Boy is all about Animal Crossing and who he needed to go to work to pay back his house. Sounds kind of like life… many the pears. (apparently the gorilla likes them.

    Nats last blog post..Traffic blog

  3. @Becky: Hey! LovelyWife says my Mii looks like Me! I’ll email you about the date. Thanks!

    @Nat: Is it a good thing or a sad thing I understood that? How old is The Boy, that might factor in on the good-sad scale… 😉

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