Virus outbreak

Those are two words don’t you wanna hear as you’re almost walking out the door after a long day at the office.

If you yelled “VIRUS OUTBREAK” at the top of your lungs, it’s either because you follow me on Twitter or were within 6-7 kilometers of me when I started cursing and bitchin’. Either way, have yourself a cookie. That’s exactly what I said to the other people in line around me at the coffee place.

In all honesty it wasn’t that bad, sure it meant I stayed and extra 2.5 hours at work, and that I missed out some time with my wife and kids, but taking care of emergencies is really one of the many reasons I’m there in the first place, right?

Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I’m doing the right thing. If I could maybe trade some of my workload and money for more quality time with the family. LovelyWife and I used to life fairly well 15 years ago on less than 5% of our current household income. Sure, we had no kids and no house. but still I wonder sometimes. Money is not everything.


I feel this way right now because I’m in a difficult position at work, and I’m getting all kinds of frustrated on a daily basis. Today I had to write the nastiest professional email I ever written in my whole life, and if you know my love of telling people off, you know that’s saying a lot about that email. I feel really bad about the guy the email was addressed to, but it needed to be said. That email is only one of the many things not right at this point at the workplace. I can’t wait for that Africa project to e over. I’ve been saying “Hey, I’m just a little guy I don’t care” more and more, and I’m almost believing it, and that scares the crap out of me. I feel unappreciated. I feel like what I do doesn’t matter anymore. I feel like when I save the day in spite of somebody else screwed up, it’s just a normal day in my world.

I feel I accomplished the impossible one time too many, and it’s now been added to my regular duties.

What two words do you wanna hear as you’re almost walking out the door after a long day at the office?

Thank you.


Guest Post for me, will ya? W00t! I’m fully booked!

As some of you might have heard from my constant Tweeting or by dropping by here ever so often, I will be in Africa from January 22nd to February 1st.  Instead of pre-canning a whole lotta posts before I leave and letting you experience stuff that has nothing with current events, I’m throwing this out there:

Would you consider guest-posting here?

I have 9 available days, from Jan 23 to Jan 31 included. I’m coming back on Feb 1st, but I already have a post canned for that day. Anyways, just register here (bottom right), and then email me at lesombre at gmail dot com if interested. I’ll bump your profile to author, we can agree on a date and Bob’s your uncle! 😉

I have only 1 spot open! I am humbled by your keen responses. Come on, don’t be shy! You know you waaaaaant to! Some of you asked about rules and topics. There are no rules – obviously, try to stay away from porn – and no assigned topics. This is just you, guest posting.

Available dates:

Friday, January 23
Saturay, January 24
Sunday, January 25
Monday, January 26
Tuesday, January 27
Wednesday, January 28
Thursday, January 29

Friday, January 30
Saturay, January 31

I’ll announce the list with name before I leave (unless someone wants to keep it secret until the post, let me know!).



  1. I’m available Saturday, January 24th. Dare you risk my guest-posting on your blog? Have you SEEN the destruction I’ve spewed on other blogs? Accept at your own risk…

    Dave2s last blog post..Crossed

  2. @Whall: It’s a synapse, like in “I’m a genius”. But thanks for your support? ;-P

    @Dave2: I accept your challenge. The 24th is yours. 😉

  3. Believe me, I understand the feeling of not being appreciated at work. I feel your pain. I hope today is a MUCH better day and that you get out on time. Wait, is it possible for those 2 things to happen on the same day? Big hugs:)

    Beckys last blog post..Beautifully Obscene

  4. Say it with me – in English please – “SWEET HOME CHICAGO!” C’mon – you know you want to!

    Seriously though, I think it goes with the territory of being a bad ass that you get stuck with more and more responsibilities and even less of the appreciation that should go with it. I am becoming more and more apathetic at my job – thus the reason I sit on Twitter, gtalk and blogs all day long. I just don’t give a shit anymore 🙂 but I’m also too chicken shit to look for a new job, one that will make me love the legal world again.

    xoxo – I hope today is a better day for you. I promise not to hex you with my Shethulu powers again.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)s last blog post..A House of Cards

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