Cynicism: exit left


Before you go any further, you probably need to know a few things. 

I am Canadian. The “Canadia’s Blogger” banner up there might already have tipped you off, but I feel I need to reiterate that I’m not living in the United States (at this point anyways, I hear someone‘s praying on this constantly).

I am not interested in politics. At all. I mean I know the names of the people holding offices, making dumb decisions and all that, but I cannot argue neither for nor against a political event like this guy can.

For the last two decades – it really seemed that long to me – I have been bombarded with election coverage from our American neighbors, and quite frankly if I was a religious guy I would have Twat AMEN after Karl’s plea for the coverage to be already over. 

I mean, when I woke up I had no intention of watching the inauguration, as I have many things to take care of before I leave, and I’m sure I’ll get to see it again and again on the news, on the Web, in printed medias and commemorative DVDs. Plus did I mention that I’m not a UnitedStatsian? 

By a strange twist of events, I ended up watching the inauguration speech all by myself in my office. I paid attention. I read other people’s Tweet. I Twat back. I am jealous of you UnitedStatsians. JEALOUS I tell you! When will we get our very own Canadian Obama? Politicians here are so meh it’s not even funny anymore. This explains my disinterest for politics in general and specifically for Canadian politics. The last charismatic Canadian politician – It seems that Canadians can agree on this despite our cultural differences – was Pierre-Elliott Trudeau.  He was our 15th Prime minister, held office from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979 and then again from March 3, 1980 to June 30, 1984. That was 25 years ago and I’m 37 (Oh, that reminds me: 37 was the answer to the equation I posted recently) so it’s no wonder I’m not interested in politics. 

If you’re interested in Canadian/LeSombre factoids, (if you’re not, skip to the next paragraph), we’re on our 22nd Prime Minister now, and looking at the list of Prime Ministers since I was born – there are 7 of them, and I was legally able to vote for only 3 of them over 6 different elections.  The Prime Ministers I am more “aware of” are Brian Mulroney (I was 13-22 years old), Kim Campbell, our first and only Prime Minister that would also sleep with men* be a woman**. She only held the office for 4 and a half months and was designated, so no election there. Then we had 10 years of Jean Chrétien, and this is the guy you loved to hate while he was our leader, but now that he’s gone he’s the guy you hate to love, if that makes sense. He was succeeded by Paul “I have no clue where the money went despite the fact I was finance Minister for years” Martin,  and now Stephen Harper, who’s biggest accomplishment at this point is his ability to hire professional cameramen. 

But it might change with the Obamamania running wild on you! Maybe some Canadian will step up and fight for the same values and ideas (ideals?) I heard spoken by the Man himself today. I’ve been hearing what Obama was saying for months, but today I really listened.

Indeed, there is Hope.

I apologize. I couldn’t help throwing in a wrestling reference or two in there. 

* The jury is still out on Arthur Meighen.
** The jury is still out on Arthur Meighen. 



  1. I have another friend who lives in Canada, and she’s also hoping that Obama will inspire some interesting changes in the Canadian government.

    Have a great time on your trip and be safe…talk to you when ya get back 🙂

    Becky recently said A Day to Remember

  2. UnitedStatians? Haha awesome.

    Have a good African trip! (considering the lack of time I’ve had for blogs lately I’m just getting this out of the way in case I miss telling you before you leave)

    Sarah recently said Could

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