Ce n’est qu’un aurevoir!

All right, I’m all packed. 

I have enough clothes for the whole trip (I hope), I have all my essentials electronics (phone, iPod, adaptors, power bars).

I kissed the Zadorables and LovelyWife.

I hope I can follow your adventures while in Africa. Otherwise, I will most likely miss all of you and go into serious Blogosphere withdrawals. 

If worst comes to worst, I’ll catch you in 12 days.

I am leaving now, I only have my laptop to unplu

Edit: Damn, that sorta kills the effect, doesn’t it? Anyways, I don’t think I forgot to pack anything, but just for kicks and giggles, what do you think I forgot? I mean, I’m almost certain I didn’t forget anything, but who knows! Leave a comment with what you think  I forgot, and I’ll do something fun for the “winner”. 😉 Have fun!



  1. Have a safe trip!

    And I’m guessing you forgot a toothbrush. For no particular reason, other than I always forget to pack a toothbrush. Luckily, my husband knows this, and packs an extra one for me every time we travel. But when I travel alone, I’m always dashing out to the drug store to find a toothbrush. And I’m guessing that’d be harder to do in Africa than in North America…

    suze recently said our house, in the middle of our street…

  2. Hi everyone! I made it in one piece despite a 3-hour flight delay, some major turbulences between Paris-Dakar (think ass leaving the seat).

    Thanks for your wishes of safety. And Dawg, elephant tusks, really? I’ll see what I can do… 😉

    And I found what I forgot. It’s not sunscreen or a toothbrush, I got those. I didn’t plan on having the Fester makeup with me, but for some odd reason it was still in my suitcase, so not that either.

    I forgot my USB stick. the one with the complete Californication season 2 and IT-Crowd season 3.

    Luckily, Sheila’s gift just got to my house as I was driving to the train station, so I have one extra book to read! ::w00t::. I’m almost done with Phantom, those 3 extra hours at the airport really ate through my reading material! 😉

  3. @SJ: Well, it looks like even I guessed wrong. My USB key was in my travel toiletry bag! ::w00t::! And I actually have TWO phone chargers with me! So all bets are still open… 😉

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