Even if it makes me wrong

0created_at_www_fototrix_com_jpeg__small_1Hi All, I’m Janelle from Junk Food 4 the Soul.

So Mike put out a call for guest bloggers. I’m nothing if not a blogger whore and love doing guest posts! If blogging had a hobby, guest blogging would be its hobby.

I suppose that I should address the elephant in the room. I know that you are waiting for me to bring it up.

Here goes.elephant-in-the-room-harrison2-thumb-250x190

Yep. You guessed it, I gotta talk about the one thing that I really screwed up.

My use of grammar.

Grammar is not my thing. I put comma’s where there shouldn’t be one and a semi-colon, yeah, I just put those where I think that they look pretty. Hyphens just go where I feel like they should.There is no rhyme or reason to how I use commas and all those fancy do da’s.

And don’t get me started on my use of run on sentences. I like to think of those as my little tiny writers gift to you, the reader.  You’re welcome.

Spelling. Another bad, bad, bad thing that I’m really bad at. Thank God for spell checker or I wouldn’t have a job!

I blame my 3rd grade teacher. She was gone most of the year on maternity leave and we were taught by a different substitute every week, if not every day. Therefore, most of the school year I was watching movies, playing games , but I do remember writing the “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” in cursive over and over. Weird how you remember things like that. But that is basically all I got out of 3rd grade while the others were learning real stuff like what an adverb is and where to put a comma, I was learning where the red fern grows and the use of getting your dog a rabies shot ala Old Yeller from watching the movies, not from reading books. Oh no.

Stupid pregnant teacher. I blame her for most of my problems that I have in life to this day. It makes it easier.

Oh, you want me to talk about that other elephant in the room?

The fact that I really screwed up. Yes. Yes. I did.

I challenged Mike to a game of Mario Kart and I will have to forfeit. I did not get Mario Kart for Christmas even though I asked Santa for it. My hubby has informed me that our next Wii purchase will be Guitar Hero, Legends of Rock . We currently have Guitar Hero World Tour, but we find that we don’t do well with songs that aren’t spoken in English, except for La Bamba. We rock that song!

Is there something I’m forgetting? Something else you wanted me talk about?

Oh! I know… yes. You are right to bring it up.3006575706_77801c1004_m

If you had read my post about how Delmer’s costume was the funniest at Adam’s Halloween Party, You might have questioned me not mentioning Mike’s costume. Yes, yes, yes, Mike went all out for his costume. The dude shaved hishead! And wore make up that I’m sure took a full week to entirely get off.  (hehe, I said get off. I love that Prince song, don’t you?)

But Mike was missing one key element to having the funniest costume, one SpongeBob Ball.

Ihave no way of knowing this, but I am very sure that Mike had two balls at that party. So, am I wrong for thinking that one ball is always funnier than two?

picture1Pfff. If that makes me wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


  1. You didn’t know if I had one or two balls at the party? Let me tell you, that was not for lack of trying on your part lady!

  2. Delmer- (I love using parenthesis too!)

    LeSombre- Please don’t remind me. I’m trying to block that drunken night out of my head. It was fun in the beginning, when I still thought the drinks tasted *too strong*, then as the drinks became easier to drink, the night …. well, lets just say, I acted liked a drunken fool. But hey! I didn’t throw up, not one time. AND I drove home after getting off the airplane while getting a hang over. So in the end I think that means that I A) rock (not throwing up after that much alcohol is amazing!) and B) I paid my debt to society (driving home WHILE getting a hang over is nothing I will EVER do again God willing)

    Janelle recently said No Results, Mom & Mike

  3. LeSombre has a lot of elephants in the room – or at least in the general vicinity. He is in Africa ya know. LOL

    If I am unsure of comma placement, I use a dash. I used to not have a problem with comma placement. Then I started working for an attorney who is pretty much in love with commas and puts them all over the place within documents. Now I gets confoosed easy-like.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently said I’m Boring

  4. Shelia- Oh Lord, my ex boss was obsessed with grammar and putting commas and such in their rightful places. Every now and then he would ask me, “A comma goes here right?” And I would just laugh. It is much like asking me how to spell something. All I’m gonna say is, “Your guess is as good as mine.” Yeah, I’m not sure how I graduated college either, LOL

    Janelle recently said No Results, Mom & Mike

  5. Becky I AGREE! Grammar IS overrated. And so is spelling. If I write messy enough, nobody knows that I can’t spell. However, you can’t fake math. Math is universal. Math rocks. I heart math like a fat kid hearts cake (and I heart cake too!) Yanno, I think we should start speaking in numbers and writing in formulas. That would be awesome! …. off to edit my master plan to take over the world to include speaking in math language….

    Janelle recently said No Results, Mom & Mike

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