Marvelous Morning

Hi everyone. I’m Becky from Girl Scout Dropout.  I had a few different thoughts about what I was going to write about. I was going to talk about the 2 times I was in Canada, then I thought, nah. I was thinking about praising Mike’s IT super powers, but I didn’t want it to go to his head Then, I was in panic mode, until this morning. Something happened that is just the epitome of being me and my oh-so-great luck.

My neighbor to the right is a cute family. The husband is a firefighter. I love men in uniforms…oops, I got sidetracked. But, that is important. Anyway, I went to let the dogs out this morning, and because it was actually above zero, all I was wearing was a tank top and boxer shorts, and slippers.

To let the mutts out, you have to go through the garage. So, I got them into the garage and opened the back door to let them out. It was cold, but this whole process should only take 2 minutes, tops. Two of the dogs ran right out. The littlest one didn’t want to go out. So, I picked her up and took two steps outside and set her down. As I did that, the door shut behind me. And locked.

I’m now stuck outside, basically naked. At least I have my slippers on. I walked over to the side gates, but we have them bolted shut because the neighbor girls open them and the dogs run. With all the subzero temps, they were frozen. I tried to climb over the fence, but I couldn’t get a grip on the chain link. I was beginning to think that I would freeze to death.

As this thought is running through my brain, my neighbor is snow blowing a path to his electric meter. He sees me and starts laughing. Even though I was cursing at him in my head, I was asking for help. Apparently, he hurt his back and isn’t able to do any lifting. However, he had a couple of his station friends over who could. And, they were hot! So, the youngest climbed over the fence, picked me up and handed me to the other guy, who then proceeded to carry me all the way to my front door.

They were so sweet through the whole thing, and I can only imagine how red my face must have been! I never want to these guys again…and I say that nicely. What a way to start off the day. Like I said, this is classic “me”. And, I am brave enough to share it with everybody. Hope your day started off much smoother!



  1. My question is where was your husband during all of this holding and er ‘helping’?

    And you couldn’t tell ME that if I locked myself out in Wisconsin hot guys would carry me to doors and warmth?

    Sarah recently said Bipolar

  2. That sounds like me with my cat shortly after we moved into our house…I was in shorts and a tank top (and bare feet). I was putting something in the recycling in the garage when the cat zipped past me to what he apparently thought was freedom. I lunged to grab him, slipped and the door slammed behind me – the door that automatically locked at that point… I was trapped in my garage with my cat, my then-boyfriend Mike at work and not supposed to return for 6 or 7 hours, with frost (luckily not snow) on the ground…I had to knock on the door of my grumpy 60-something neighbour, (who apparently likes to go around shirtless in his house…) to ask to use his phone to get Mike to come rescue me… And my neighbour didn’t even offer to let me come in!!! He brought the phone to the door and then took it back when I hung up, and closed the door on me…LOL.

    I’d like to say this was a unique incident in my life, but sadly, no…

    suze recently said baby, it’s your birthday…

  3. LeSombre…That’s why you don’t have firefighters that live next door either!

    Nat…I’m not sure that men in uniforms can look funny…I think its illegal.

    Janelle…If you want to see my in my jammies that badly, I’ll just email you a pic:)

    Princess…I don’t think I could look them in the eye. When you come visit, we’ll line up a dinner party.

    Suze…What a fabulous neighbor! And I have more “unique incidents” happen than I care to remember. Its always nice to meet someone else that has that:)

    Sheila…Not suspicious at all!

    Becky recently said Great Buddy Award

  4. Has anybody mentioned how tough you have to be to go outside in slippers and boxers in the Wisconsin winter? You go girl!

    I was out this morning (it was 22 or so, with ice and snow … a bit warmer than America’s Dairyland, I’m thinking) in boxers and a t-shirt … I *did* have tennis shoes on, though. And I left the door to the house unlocked (and open behind me … I, too, have locked myself out in the past).

    delmer recently said Pretending

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