Day: February 3, 2009

Thank You! (x11)

Hey, Le Sombre here!

Yes, I am back in Canadia now. Yes I am tired. Yes I have pictures. Yes, I will tell you all about Africa soon. Yes it will all be in one big giant post and yes, this will be the end of it. 😉

But, and that’s a big but, I first want to thank all the awesome guest-posters who took some time out of their busy schedule, shed some tears, sweat and blood, and wrote really cool posts for the past 11 days.

You made me laugh, you made me miss you, and by the insane amounts of comments you obviously entertained the crowd. I heart you all. You might be surprised to hear that Africa reminded me of all of you at one time or another:



I ate weird things. Swordfish pasta baby! ::w00t::



My flight was delayed almost three hours. I Tweeted about it. 😉



I spend 36 hours in Paris. I thought of Delmer whenever I heard French. *

* I was going to go with: “We got to ride a sweet minivan from the airport  to the hotel.”  But I didn’t take a picture of the minivan, so I figured I could google one. I strongly advise against googling for images of “busted minivans”. You’ve been warned.

Anonymous / SJ


I met the Minister of Education, right after reading your post on the new Senegalese currency. I will never look at Senegalese currency without laughing myself silly now.



I could watch TV from a “seated position” in the bathroom. Ain’t that the dream?



It was really really dark for some obscure reason. 😉



I had a few beers. Gazelles are the local beer, 660 ml of hapiness

Becky / GSD


My bank card was eaten by the ATM, “locking me out” of my account. No sexy firemen rescued me.



After walking all Paris, I got a massive blister on my right heel (not pictured out of kindness for Poppy).




To the right , it says: “Let’s return to the Franc”. The left sign says “Let’s return to VHS”. When I saw that, I thought: Karl would find this funny.

I apologize for the poor quality of the picture, but it was late afternoon, and almost dark. I couldn’t use the flash because of the highly reflective arrows at the right. Did I mention I had been walking for the last 10 hours at that point with a massive blister and I was frozen solid at the time? Good times.



In Paris, our Hotel was right near Moulin Rouge. Beavers and Puppies galore!


So once again, thank you all! 😉 You really made my day. I want to thank you for all those made-up facts about Canada, I don’t think I read that many since last election. 😉

Also, a big thank you to all the commenters, old and new.