Day: February 15, 2009

tYotP: D

This is the fourth* in a series of posts in the Year of the Purge : A to Z. Every other Sunday, I’ll get rid of something starting with the letter A and working my way to the letter Z by the end of December. This week I’m tackling B.

If you didn’t read the letter A, for my awesome t-shirt, or the letter B, for books you might enjoy them. 

*It’s the third really, but who’s counting.


D is for DELAYED PURGE: Coffee addiction

I tought I was going to get out of that one, but let’s face it: Spending 50$ a week for coffee is not the smartest thing I can do with my money. To make matters worst, the Starbucks on campus is not a corporate Starbucks, it’s a franchised (I believe it means sub-par) one, so their 6$ coffee often tastes worst than the 1.65$ coffee from Tim Horton’s.

Thankfully, the delay allowed me to have one last Venti white mocha Americano huzzah with Suze from The fact that she decided to stop bloggoin on that very same day is totally unrelated to me I swear.

So I’m not saying I won’t ever drink coffee anymore. I’m just saying I’ll stop drinking the expensive stuff that tastes like crap. Noticed how I leave that door wiiiiiiide open?

Of course, this means that for now I’ll have to fill the gap with something else. How’s that for a nice fit:



It’s Bailey’s with a HINT of coffee. How perfect is this product really? This is like the best thing since macaroni and cheese, except I could never have mac & cheese everyday at work without getting the questionning eye from my coworkers. I absolutely love it when products combine two of my favorite things in the world in one nifty little package. In this case: My love for drinking delicious alcohol and just spending the whole day in my underwear.

In other news

We had the LovelyWife Valentine Day special dinner yesterday: Two appetizers and one dessert. ::w00t:: Make that two desserts. ::Double w00t::