Day: February 18, 2009

One bullet short of a full gun (12)

  • Insane in the membrane: What could possibly possess me to get up at 7:00 on a day off, drive the kids at school and then clean the whole house? I was done by 8:30 so that’s not too bad. But still, hello – I need sleep and if I sleep who cares if the house is dirty-ish? Not me that’s who!
  • I’m a Breville whore: I just had panini sandwiches (Just a fancy way of saying “grilled cheese sandwiches” really) that I made in my Breville panini grill, accompannied by an espresso that I made in my Breville da Roma Espresso machine, after grounding the beans in my Breville grinder.
  • Animal Cross’d: I spent about 8 hours playing yesterday to fix the snow/grass havoc that four players running around in the same town will create if you don’t follow rules put in place by the snow/grass Nazi, aka LovelyWife. Fixing the snow/grass requires me to time travel a day forward, play a bit, quit, repeat ad nauseam. in 8 hours of play I managed to move forward about 50 days. Frakin’ loading times. But now we have semi-decent grass anyways.
  • Journey: I hear that there’s a great Journey tribute band that plays the tri-state area. Doesn’t everybody in the States lives in a tri-state area?
  • It’s not easy being a great buddy: I haven’t seen my friend Peter in ages. Not because we don’t like each other anymore, but because he now works night shifts (15:30 to 00:30) while I’m still on the day schedule. So as this entry publishes, I’m sitting in Montana’s right besides his workplace, waiting for him so we can chat for a bit and catch on on each other’s lives.

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the actual madness comes


You can buy this adorable “My little Cthulhu“. And it’s out of stock. It’s like “My little pony” but for semi-insane geeks. Except that semi-insane geeks have a lot of money, so it’s gone. Boo.