Often people ask me how I can come up with stuff to blog about on every single day. 

Well, truth be told, I don’t blog about stuff every day. Sometimes I just post a picture, do a meme, or string a bunch of my Tweets together to create somewhat of a post.

Then there are events like Saturday night’s dinner who are – let’s say – a great source of inspiration.

My FMIL apple pie is the best pie there is

My Favorite Mother In Law is a really good cook. She makes the best cheesecake ever. When she comes over, I have but to buy the needed ingredients and presto! a delicious cheesecake appears. 😉 She also bakes delicious chicken pot pie, and hers it the only chicken pot pie I will eat. But the apple pie holds a special place in my heart, and stomach.

LovelyWife knows a lot about Pi

LovelyWife is probably the smartest person you’ll ever meet. But – yes I know I should probably stop right there, but you know me – she is BOOK SMART. She’ll forget to lock doors, to recharge her cell, keys, and so on. She talks to herlsef all the time. She has the absent-minded professor thing down pat.

Those two things don’t mix well

So on Saturday night, my wife took a delicious frozen apple pie that my FMIL baked while I was in Africa and put it in the oven. She set the oven too low and the timer too short, and had to prolong the reheat time twice. The whole family was salivating in anticipation. So after an hour of delicious flaky crust smell filling the house, we were finally ready to have a big nice piece of pie with delicious vanilla ice cream.

Until LovelyWife cut the pie and started laughing. 

It was chicken pot pie.

Now flashback an hour sooner

Me: So what’s in the oven?

LW: Apple pie that my mom baked

Me: I thought she made chicken pot pie?

LW: Naaaaah.

Me: You know I’ll blog about this, right?



  1. @NYCWD: Hey, I told LovelyWife to make mashed potatoes that looked like Ice Cream, and that it’ll all be good. 😉

    @Avitable: Well, we baked apple pie the next day, so all is well. 😉

    @Sybil Law: I did a little. But I mostly complained about it. 😉

    @DutchBitch: It could, you only have to visit me!

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