Month: March 2009

Oh the things I can’t blog about…

Believe it or not, there are some things that I will not blog about, or just blog about in very general / vague / cryptic terms. À la Hilly if you will. Some of these things are things I simply choose to ignore – for lack of interest most of the time, even though a good “You know what I dislike about this” post often makes for a fairly interesting read. Some of these things are just things that are off-limits for decency stake. Some of these things are just too easy for you the reader to link to specific individuals or events at my workplace. Of course, let’s not forget the stuff that I choose to keep personnal, like parts of my home life, my family’s life and pretty much anything involving intimate details about LovelyWife and the Kids.

But every now and again, something will happen and my first reaction will be to share it with the world. 

Then I’ll catch myself and realize that I can’t do that without risking either my job, my family life or my friends. 

What to do when that happens? Not to worry, I have options. I was an Evil Genius before being Canadia’s Blogger. It’s right up there in the banner underneath all that liquid paper. 😉

Chat it!

You might be one of the few people that I chat with on a regular or semi-regular basis. If you are, you know that I will sometimes blurt some information about events as they are happening, without filtering anything. This is by far the best way to read the outrageous events happening in LeSombre’s world as they are happening. In a way, this is the utlimate voyeur package. 

Twitter it!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have the pleasure – or the displeasure – of reading some of the family and most of the work related situations that I experience, almost as they happen. Of course, some of the stuff I Tweet is slightly edited for duration and funniness, but you’ll basically get 85 to 90% of the raw story. 

This also explain why I have none of my coworkers, none of my family and only some of my F2F friends following me on Twitter. It’s not that they don’t want to follow me, it’s that I don’t allow them to follow me. Twitter is one of the rare place where I can have a mini-meltdown, maybe get a few replies and move on without having to talk about what that tweet really meant for the next 5 years. 

Blog it!

I know, this seems to go against the very core of this post, but I can blog about anything and everything on a blog that can’t be linked to me. Not that I have one of these blogs at my disposal. Or more than one. Wink wink.


Now let me tell you what happened to me today…

Done like Dimanche.

It’s Monday. I miss the week-end already.

The Week in preview

Here’s what’s gonna happen to me this week:


I’ll get some flak from the Interwebz for making this crappy stunt post. At least, it’s not like there’s a controversy regarding my death or anything. And one last thing: I was there when Stile did it.


I’ll renew my bus pass for April. I live an exciting life. 


In a really really bad twist on an April Fool’s joke, I’ll end up with a massive quantity M&Ms. And to think that it’ll all start with a badly timed bald joke.


Still reeling from yesterday’s events, I’ll fall down the stairs at the office. My absence will not be noticed because people will never think of looking for me in the frakin’ stairs


About 130m of snow (400′) will fall on the National Capital. Canadians shrug and life goes on. Meh. 


Hockey night in Canada is postponed because all the players have a weird case of not finding their laces. This will prompt Benoit Brunet to say: “I think the first team to make it on the ice and score a goal will take a serious option on the game”.


It’ll be once more 23:30, and I’ll still be looking for something to post for Monday. 😉


As I’m writing this, LovelyWife is watching the Amazing Race. They have a one-arm tiger handler. That’s funnier than anything I could come up with. 

I bow down.

This: Functionnal?

I’m always amazed how easy it is to form decent relationships with people I never met / met once or twice IRL, and at the same time I have a hard time keeping relationships with people I see almost every day. 

Hey, this is not one of those “let’s define friendship” posts. I’ve already stated my position of friendship, and it hasn’t changed much since. 

I think the issue with people you see on a regular basis is the cumul of all their little quirks – they slowly erode the umbrella of my indifference. At first I focus on the good quirks, but after a while the bad quirks take over and mess up the whole thing.

Anyways, I’m pledging to have more me time in the future. I never get tired of me. I can’t get enough of me really. 

Plus, I’m already aware of all my bad quirks.

Chinese Takeout*

The amazing thing with guys is that, unlike most woman, we can show up at a party wearing the exact same dress and still become best friends forever.


Well the point is that ever once in a while, some people will tell me that I’m exactly like their cousin – trust me I get that a lot – or that I should really meet this guy who’s as funny as I am, looks like me, talks like me and so on.

And honestly, I can picture myself becoming friend with a guy like me, because as we all know I am awesome. Spread the word.

So last Friday, I was made funny by association with none other than the great American Mike: Chinese Takeout*. I think it’s that American Coz of mine, Amber who Tweeted that during #FollowFriday.

Now the amazing thing with bloggers is that, unlike other people, when something piques our interest, we feel compelled to write about it – I know I do and I’m pretty sure you do too, hence I feel okay using we here – and I started this post about how it idn’t make sense to have a Shiny Stakeout.  I know, nice play on words, right?

I first came in contact with Shiny’s blog through a comment made by Avitable, about his blog’s name. I got curious, and quickly stole a peak between doing the other twenty-seven things I was doing at the time. 

I’m also an awesome multi-tasker. Ask around you’ll see.

Anyways, since I was doing do many things at the time, I promptly forgot to add the man to my feed reader, and life went on. But then came Plagiarism week 2009. I actually got wind of the thing mid week, and my first reaction was:

“That fucker is stealing my idea!”

Well, I’m kidding here, but not completely. I was planning to parody some bloggers at that point, because I felt I was running out of content and figured that I could start a web comic à la XKCD, or maybe make some vlogs reviewing sex toys (something that I thought Avitable could do, and he did it since). I have since then re-purposed those ideas into the guest posts on my own blog, which you saw the first installment here a couple of weeks ago, and the second yesterday with the infamous Avitable does Ottawa post. At this point, I have about seven “Guests posts posted on my own blog” in the works. 

And by the way, if you ever wonder how I write – pretentious much am I? – now you know. At any given time I have between twenty and thirty “blog ideas” in my head, on paper, in a text file on my computer or even as drafts on the blog. 

Wow, this post is going everywhere and nowhere isn’t it?

So, here’s the thing.

I like Shiny’s blog. I think Shiny is a hilarious blogger. I’ve never met him, but I have the feeling that we’d have a good time if we ever get to be in the same room at the same time. When I read about people comparing us, I thought “Oh crap, I need to up my game now!”. Then I read on his blog that he didn’t want to become the redundant Mike, and that he thought that I offered quality content, I was floored.

Consider this an official response to your open declaration, Mr. Shiny: I’m happy to see that there’s at least one Mike in the States who’s even more awesome then I am. I really think every country should experience the awesomeness of a Mike, and I’m confident that you’re doing a fine job for all the States. And since we all know that everything is bigger and better in the States… 

And just because it wouldn’ t be a fitting tribute to the great Shiny without some excerpt of a Quebec TV series about people working in a bar, I leave you with Minuit, le soir. Best TV series to come out of Quebec. Sorry, no Norm.

And one last thing:

Start shopping!


* I am aware that he spells the name of his blog differently. Out of respect for my country, however, I have decided to use the traditional Canadian spelling.**

** Yes, I did lift this straight out of Shiny’s blog. Admit it’s much better than my Stakeout joke.