If I had 1,000,000$… I wouldn’t mind.

Hello there,

I hope you can help me. I’m trying to figure out why I was refunded 146$ for the cancellation of my order #4463712 when the original order cost me 172.60$.

I wish to get that 26.60$ back.

Alternatively, you may elect to sent the Barenaked Ladies to my house to play 26.60$ worth of music for me and my LovelyWife. I’ll even have my kids stay over at a friend’s house since I originally didn’t buy tickets for them. Fair is fair.

Let me know what can be done,


Recently the Barenaked Ladies postponed a Christmas show – Ed’s mom was admitted at the hospital and passed away. I had 3rd row center seats. I held to the dream that the show would still happen (hey, Christmas show in March? I would go for that!) but now the news that the show’s been cancelled has been made official.

I think I’m screwed, but hopefully my email will make someone at musictoday.com smile in spite of their awful reimbursement policy. I mean, they just made 30,895.90$ for printing 2,323 tickets and shipping them. Assuming every ticket was printed (0.10$) and mailed individually (0.51$), they still would pocket 28,478,87$.

I might be in the wrong line of business.

In a somewhat related news, BNL singer Steven Page announced that he is quitting the Barenaked Ladies. I think I just missed his last gig with the BNL. Poo.



  1. @Avitable: You didn’t like them? I thought you had a thing with Canadians, especially the bare naked ones… 😉

    @Kapgar: But I’d rather have BNL play at my house… Can I hold off for that? 🙂

    @Sybil Law: I agree it’s pretty ridiculous. Of course they already replied quoting their reimbursement policy. Oh well.

  2. Awe man, I know how much you love those guys! It’s the only band that I know that you do like (that I have heard of anyway). This post totally sucks on so many levels. Oh! not because of poor writing style, just the whole can’t see their show; it might be their last show… I’m sad for you. ((hugs))

    Janelle recently said So. Tired.

  3. ::snicker::

    It’s just like a damned Canadian to get your hopes up and then bring them crashing down around your ears.

    Why, just recently, a Canadian told me that he would come visit me and eat hot dogs and pizza with me. And that jerk still hasn’t booked a flight.

    Oh wait…..that was you.

    ::whistles innocently and goes about her business::

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently said What Do You Say

  4. @Janelle: I’m sure you know a lot more of the bands I know. Have you heard of “the Squirrel Nut Zippers”? Well. Maybe not.

    @SheilaCSR: That damn Canadian needs to have his ass kicked… Oh wait… that’s me.

    @Crys: Thanks! Now if you made a video about it, I’d be completely avenged! 😉

  5. @CMG: Yup, I’ll try that.

    @Poppy: I don’t see this as a sad news. I think the four remaining Ladies can make it work. Plus, Page’s project might be something interesting. But really, I’m thinking reunion tour. 😉

  6. I think I am emotionally vested in BNL. I was upset when Stephen Page got picked up for cocaine and I’m upset that he’s leaving. I think he needs to talk to Dave Gahan as a cautionary tale. Just saying.

    (yeah, contest the charge for sure.)

    Nat recently said Dancing with myself

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