One bullet short of a full gun (13)

  • Half full / Half Empty: I for one, will embrace my pessimism. I will admit that I always see the glass half empty. This is just fine by me, since I can have two half empty glasses and it’s just like I didn’t drink anything at all. Who’s the smartest pessimist you know now, huh? I know, it’s probably not me.


  • In style: There’s no reason not to not drink in style. I bought myself extra special Scotch glasses. I’m awesome. Half empty glasses never looked so good.
  • And bring your guitars: I started playing again. My fingers are sore, but they’re busy that way. Otherwise, I might stick them in something they shouldn’t be in.
  • Hatt-Baby: I’m bringing back this classic. Tell your friends.

  • Fool: I’m more than halfway done with the latest Christopher Moore book,  Fool. I expect that by the time you read this, I’ll be done with it and will be left waiting for more. Or is that wanting for more? That’s why I’m not a writer. Well, not a good one anyways. Back to Chris Moore: What’s not to like aout this guy? He’s funny, witty, and he has his own blog. If only he was Canadian.

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the actual madness comes.


Back Cthulhu in honor of the Black Fool


  1. My lovely lady got me some uber-special whiskey glasses for Christmas. A set similar to the one you show up there and some great rocks glasses. Heavy bottom, sturdy. Yum.

    And she is Christopher Moore’s biggest fan. She has been on me forever to read Lamb. One of these days.

    B.E. Earl recently said 500 is the new 300

  2. @Suze: Lamb is awesome. If you liked Lamb and can read a little French, I highly recommend –et le singe devint con: l’aurore de l’humanité from François Cavanna.

    @B.E. Earl: You should read Lamb and have a Scotch or two at the same time. That sounds like a winning combo to me.;-)

    @Sarah: Yeah, I’m trying to cut down on booze, so if I have 3/4 empty + 3/4 empty, I’m actually removing half a glass from my system.

    @Whall: Pout-oum tssss! Well played old chap!

  3. @Crys: Lamb is my favorite Chris Moore book. I quote from it almost daily. You might have a popemobile in your heart, but I have a Biffmobile. 😉

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