Remember when bread tasted good?


Maybe this is one of those “get off my lawn you damn kids” post, showing my age and all. But seriously, do you remember when bread – and I mean common bread – tasted good?

I remember being a kid and eating sandwiches and toasts all the time because plain common white bread (Gailuron anyone?) was so good.

Nowadays, it seems that to get decent bread you either have to go to a highly specialized bakery or bake one yourself. Gone are the days of driving to the grocery store, picking up the first loaf available and being sure that it could be safely described as bread.

So, what do you guys do when it comes to bread? Grocery (Gross-ery) stuff, specialized bakery, bake your own? What brand(s) do you buy / recommend?

And by the way, the genesis of this post is really me looking for something to have for breakfast this morning. Of course, then I thought “Wouldn’t it be amazing if I could find that Gailuron commercial somwhere”. Guess what? Somebody had already uploaded the Gailuron commercial on YouTube. It amazes me that someone would go through that kind of trouble for an old bread commercial. I looked at the guy’s profile, and he “collects old commercials from Quebec”. He’s only 21. Now I feel really old. Get off my lawn.


  1. I really don’t eat that much bread but what I do buy, I get from a store called Trader Joe’s. Most of us that *have* a Trader Joe’s in our town would much rather shop there than other places. Anyway, sheesh…I get my bread there but it goes bad faster because it is not all full of preservatives. I prefer bakery bread, especially a very sour sourdough but it’s just not convenient for someone who eats little to no bread!

    Hilly recently said Pop Goes America…

  2. I love bread more than I love life. Seriously.

    I will buy just about any kind of Jewish Rye (with or without caraway seeds) or Thomas’ English Muffins at the grocery store. That’s it. For the rest of my bread needs (and I have plenty) it’s the bakery for me. Italian loafs, sourdough ryes, French baguettes, etc… I love them all. I can’t live without bread.

    I did that stupid Atkin’s diet a few years back. I gave up all carbs for two months. Lost 30 pounds and felt great. What did I miss? Beer? Pasta? No. I missed bread.

    I’ll never do that diet again!

    B.E. Earl recently said Guess what…

  3. @Hilly: I don’t eat that much bread either, but when I do, I’d like it to taste good.;-) Nah, make that great!

    @B.E. Earl: I also did an Atkins-type diet a few years ago. Lost 85 pounds and gained back 20 since then. Yikes, just realized that was almost 8 years ago! 😉

  4. I’d get bread from a specialized bakery if there were still some around in a reasonable distance. That place where I bought the paczkis is a little out of the way. So we just buy whatever bread is on sale at the grocery store and deal with it.

    kapgar recently said Moment of surrender…

  5. @Avitable: Yeah, the bakery seems to be the way to go. 😦

    @Kapgar: OK, I had a comment about how “dealing with it” sounded dreadful, but then I Googled Pączki, and lost my train of thoughts. ::drool::

  6. Hi,
    New here.:) Yeah, white bread is pretty gross now. Its all factory made crap. But its not that hard to make your own bread, you don’t even need a breadmaker most times.:)

  7. I love bread, but it has to be good bread. Crappy bread is not worth it… And flatbread (espeically Naan) is my favourite.

    We have taken to making our own bread by hand lately. Otherwise, I tend to buy the expensive Ace bakery stuff in the grocery stores. When we need convenience bread, we will buy the Farm Boy brand whole wheat stuff which is decent as far as store bought sliced bread goes, but not nearly as good as the stuff we make at home…

    suze recently said so, here’s the thing…

  8. @Hannah: Welcome to my place! How did you land here? I can always use more palindromic friends. 😉

    @Sybil Law: What’s not to like about pita, really?

    @Suze: So in a way, you’re still baking? Pout-oum tsss! 😉

  9. We buy the crap from the store for regular sandwiches but the bakery is the way to go for italian bread; sour dough; rye; etc. Luckily, my brother works at a bakery. ::woot::

    I could live off of a good loaf of sourdough bread and butter. Actually, I did while pregnant with Little Miss – but you already knew that, didn’t you? LOL

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently said Yum Yum Cheese Curds

  10. I love bread. For toast, I’m love love love the Farm Boy loaf with walnut and raisins. Whole wheat bread, we do Farm Boy (I live their whole wheat). I think we do Country Harvest as well…

    Can’t say I’ve noticed much of a change in bread…. seems there is just so much more choice of late.

    Nat recently said Not 20 anymore…

  11. I’m a big fan of dense, soft, egg bread. Mmm, salivating at the thought! Fresh hot buttery salty pretzels, that amazing sweet Hawaiian stuff, toasted Italian loaves made into crispy garlic toast, really good pizza crust, Some of Orowheat’s stuff is terrific. I used to walk by their factory on my way to work in Seattle, and wow, was that a great way to start my day. One of my favorite things to smell is fresh bread baking.

    Catherine recently said happy birthday, bloggie

  12. @SheilaCSR: I know everything about you, and then some. ::w00t!::

    @Nat: Darn. Maybe it’s just the lack of bread in my house that makes me wonder.

    @Catherine: I thought I was maxed out in the “I crave for bread” department, but it looks like there was still some room left for improvement. Darn you! Curse you! 😉

    @Kevin Spencer: Philly cheese is yum! I’m starving now!

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