From D to Z*

I always have brilliant ideas.

For example, last Thursday LovelyWife tortured me watched all 116 minutes of Australia. I gave up about 45 minutes in. Wolverine hadn’t used his claws yet, and I sorta guessed that he wasn’t going to.

That left me plenty of time to engage in brain-developping activities Twitter and surf the Web, and connect dots in my brain. That’s how I came up with a brilliant costume idea for Delmer for next Avitaween, he should totally go as Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander aka Zedd from the Sword of Truth book series or the TV series the Legend of the Seeker. played by Bruce Spence.

Left to right: Delmer, Bruce Spence, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander.

So what do you think? Pretty smart when I have 116 minutes to myself, right?

*It’s pronounced “From Dee to Zedd”.

Other clever titles for this post could’ve been “What’s a Delmer could look like?”, “One of these things is not like the others” and “I hated Australia”.



  1. You know that’s rather uncanny…

    Haven’t seen Australia. Did watch Man on Wire over the weekend. Liked it a lot. (It’s about Philippe Petit un funambule, who walked on a wire between the towers of the World Trade Centre. The Boy liked it too.)

    Nat recently said No, really he’s 39

  2. @Nat: Oh, I like that guy. Doesn’t he fall though?

    @Sybil Law: Thanks!

    @Avitable: You should. Best nap I had in a while.

  3. That would be a *great* costume, but I wonder if “The Legend of the Seeker” is popular enough for the costume to be recognized. *I* watch it, but I expect I’m in the minority.

    Ren recently said Fast Food Diet

  4. @Ren: Hey, it could always be re purposed to “Wizard”.

    @SheilaCSR: I don’t see this blog as “unpopular”, but as “exclusive”. Whatever works for me, right? 😉

  5. I recognized Bruce Spence, right away, as the guy from Mad Max. I’d no idea he’d done anything else — I thought he was one of those guys who did one or two things and then dropped off the face of the earth. What’s sad is I’ve seen one or tow of the other things he’d done and not recognized him.

    Maybe if he’d been flying a Gyro around in Australia you’d have liked the movie better.

    delmer recently said My Life Unboxed — Dogs

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