One bullet short of a full gun (14)

  • Fuck: It seems I just can’t get adjusted to DST. It took me less time to get back on track after Africa. ::Boo::
  • I: This is how I feel now. I had the animation embedded at first, but it was too annoying. Now the only question left is: Am I the brain guy or the bacon guy?
  • Ha(b)z: Monday, General Manager Bob Gainey fired Montreal Canadiens Head Coach Guy Carbonneau. I’m not opposed to firing coaches when they deserve it (Well, I kind of am, but that’s another story). That being said, my main beef with that decision it that it comes a mere month after they renewed his contract for three years and after Bob Gainey said “Hiring Guy Carbonneau was the best decision I ever made as a GM”. Only fools never change their mind I guess.
  • A: is for Angry, which is what you are at me. A is for adult, which is what I’ll never be. Still troubled (but not angry) over BNL parting ways. This helps.

  • Sad: How sad is this really. I had the perfect post for today, but after chatting with my legal counsel, it would seem that my feeling that the post could very well get me  fired is not a crazy concept. After all, if you can get fired for calling your job boring, I could certainly get fired for [removed as per legal counsel’s advice].

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet – and half of the previous one, really – for myself for when the actual madness comes.


Cute little red Cthulhu. If you wonder where the victims are… He ate them.


  1. So I’m leisurely reading your blog to kill a few minutes before staff meeting. No sense in getting started in some big project with only a few minutes to spare, right? I call it multi-tasking.

    Sooooooo, I click on your “this is how I feel” linky thingy expecting to see some cute picture of this or that and all of a sudden my computer starts screaming at me with the craziest noise EVER! Really loud I might add.

    So yeah, that is how is my morning is going. Thank goodness the boss wasn’t walking by or the jig would be up. Or is it my gig would be up? Hummm, the things you forget when you aren’t being a spy anymore.

    Janelle recently said Mojo and Radio and how it all goes together…

  2. Well you could always use all of those extra bullets you have laying around to….oh wait. No, never mind, saying what I was going to say could totally get me arrested. It’s a good thing I’ve got mad legal skillz, yo. Otherwise, we’d be put through some crazy government torture – I hear that they only have dial up in prison! ::faint::

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently said This is the Post That Never Ends

  3. @Janelle: I guess the “I had the animation embedded at first, but it was too annoying” was not enough of a warning. 😉 So, am I bacon of spoon in brain guy?

    @SheilaCSR: Dial-up? That would be torture.

    @Ren: Darn, maybe I didn’t translate that properly… There’s a French expression that says “Y’a juste les fous qui ne changent pas d’idée”. That’s what I was aiming for. 😉

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