Sound of silence

Train Horns

Created by Train Horns

People oer 25 are not supposed to hear this. I’m 37 and I hear it. Can you? How old are you?



  1. @Amanda: All right.

    @Sarah: Oh you do count.

    @THE BROTHER: Good ears!

    @SheilaCSR: My plan is working.

    @Avitable: That’s what I thought too. Just wanna make sure.

    @Suze: That’s a possibility.

    @Delmer: Thanks for playing!

    @Sybil Law: Hi! Would you like a peppermint? I SAID… 😉

  2. oh gosh yes I can hear it. I can even hear when something electronic is on (such as a TV) because I can hear the high-pitched whine made by most devices. In the Army I passed the audio/hearing test with the highest marks the guy had seen in his 20+ years. I think I’ve lost some of the middle frequencies but the high and low ones I still have.

    whall recently blogged Cowboy up!

  3. I hear it… it is telling me to kill the family that sleeps on leaky inflatable mattresses behind me and have a pet porcupine.

    That sound is AWFUL! I’d rather hear Bobcat Goldwaithe and a debarked dog do a duet of Throat Chants From The Outback.

    Wait… I got it… someone recorded my wife while she slept and her nose was whistling…!

    You bastards!!!


    Craig recently blogged Yanking in the Snow…

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