Spring is in the air!

Here are a few sure signs that spring is here! Oh boy!

HotDogDude is back


There’s playoff talk in the air


But most importantly:

The Africa Project is done!!!




  1. Huzzah on the africa project.

    But our hot dog dude is obviously heartier than yours, as he’s been back for the last two weeks…

    Either that or spring just comes faster to those of us on the other side of the canal 😛

    suze recently blogged so, here’s the thing…

  2. Ah yes, you know it’s spring when you can see a little bit of grass through the snow.

    I love it that the guy’s sign says “pop.” When I lived in Massachusetts I was constantly ragged on for saying pop — they preferred soda. Once I was digging around in a friend’s glove box, found the owner’s manual for their car and pointed out a paragraph that mentioned removing stains from the upholstery like “lipstick, pop and …(something else)” I explained if GM was calling it pop then it must be pop.

    delmer recently blogged Columbus Web Design and Comment Spam

  3. @Kappgar: Indeed. I have a funny story about HodDogDude. It might be something I’ll share next week. 😉

    @Sybil Law: No moose dogs, but we have beaver tails.

    @Suze: Well, ours might have been back a couple of weeks ago too, but my office is really far from his “place of business” if you will.

    @SheilaCSR: Less Africa, more Sheila!

    @Kevin Spencer: Yes they are. THEY ARE.

    @Delmer: Grass through the snow actually means summer here.

    @Whall: Now I’m gonna take some time to do the things we never had. 😉

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