This: Functionnal?

I’m always amazed how easy it is to form decent relationships with people I never met / met once or twice IRL, and at the same time I have a hard time keeping relationships with people I see almost every day. 

Hey, this is not one of those “let’s define friendship” posts. I’ve already stated my position of friendship, and it hasn’t changed much since. 

I think the issue with people you see on a regular basis is the cumul of all their little quirks – they slowly erode the umbrella of my indifference. At first I focus on the good quirks, but after a while the bad quirks take over and mess up the whole thing.

Anyways, I’m pledging to have more me time in the future. I never get tired of me. I can’t get enough of me really. 

Plus, I’m already aware of all my bad quirks.



  1. What is this “me” time you’re always talking about? Does this mean I have to share you with another person? Geesh – you sure are demanding.

    When you’re having this so-called “me” time at the movies, make sure you have a towel in your lap. #fellatiofridayshouldbeeverday

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently blogged Thank You Facebook

  2. SheilaCSR: Well, there’s already a Towel Day, and I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    Sybil Law: Oh. Surprising myself is an excellent idea. I’ll work on that. ;-P

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