Oh the things I can’t blog about…

Believe it or not, there are some things that I will not blog about, or just blog about in very general / vague / cryptic terms. À la Hilly if you will. Some of these things are things I simply choose to ignore – for lack of interest most of the time, even though a good “You know what I dislike about this” post often makes for a fairly interesting read. Some of these things are just things that are off-limits for decency stake. Some of these things are just too easy for you the reader to link to specific individuals or events at my workplace. Of course, let’s not forget the stuff that I choose to keep personnal, like parts of my home life, my family’s life and pretty much anything involving intimate details about LovelyWife and the Kids.

But every now and again, something will happen and my first reaction will be to share it with the world. 

Then I’ll catch myself and realize that I can’t do that without risking either my job, my family life or my friends. 

What to do when that happens? Not to worry, I have options. I was an Evil Genius before being Canadia’s Blogger. It’s right up there in the banner underneath all that liquid paper. 😉

Chat it!

You might be one of the few people that I chat with on a regular or semi-regular basis. If you are, you know that I will sometimes blurt some information about events as they are happening, without filtering anything. This is by far the best way to read the outrageous events happening in LeSombre’s world as they are happening. In a way, this is the utlimate voyeur package. 

Twitter it!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have the pleasure – or the displeasure – of reading some of the family and most of the work related situations that I experience, almost as they happen. Of course, some of the stuff I Tweet is slightly edited for duration and funniness, but you’ll basically get 85 to 90% of the raw story. 

This also explain why I have none of my coworkers, none of my family and only some of my F2F friends following me on Twitter. It’s not that they don’t want to follow me, it’s that I don’t allow them to follow me. Twitter is one of the rare place where I can have a mini-meltdown, maybe get a few replies and move on without having to talk about what that tweet really meant for the next 5 years. 

Blog it!

I know, this seems to go against the very core of this post, but I can blog about anything and everything on a blog that can’t be linked to me. Not that I have one of these blogs at my disposal. Or more than one. Wink wink.


Now let me tell you what happened to me today…



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