I did it!

Today this blog turns one year old. 

Actually, this blog in this format turns one year old. I’ve been writing stuff online for a good 10 years now. 😉

When I moved from Joomla! to WordPress one year ago, I told myself I was going to blog every day for the next year. 

I did it.


Let me reminisce in an extended entry…


Things that didn’t change:

I’m still out of minutes

I still have old friends that I never hear about except through chain letters. 

I still have a really ugly passeport picture

I still only won this one agrument

I still buy books by the truckload

I’m still a ninja

I still have very little faith in people. 

I still look like other people

I still get calls about fondling balls.

I still have a hard time adjusting to DST / EST, and I still hate Jon and Kate plus 8

I still feel like I should apologize to Dave2. 

I still strive for Amard

I still obsever monkeys

I still owe you all for the awesome guest posts

Things that changed:

I got a new car

I stopped playing D&D, and I miss it

I bought central air for the house. 

Karl let himself go a bit

We’ve been lice free for over 4 months! 

LovelyWife got a blog of her own. LovelyWife stopped blogging. 

I started getting rid of stuff

I have no plans to go to Africa in the next year. 

It’s not what it was

I started guest-posting on my own blog

What does the future hold?

Who knows! Why don’t you join me for one more year of craziness. 😉 



  1. Shame on me for not coming here sooner. I had to find out we share the same blogoversary date (to the day, even) by you leaving a comment on my blog.

    Well, this will never happen again.

    Happy 1 year old, LeSombre.

    martymankins recently blogged One Year Ago Today

  2. @MartyMankins: Welcome to my neck of the woods. We share blogiversary, and the shame of discovering one another recently. I’m sure we can build on that. 😉

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