One bullet short of a full gun (15)

  • Triangles everywhere: I finished Infected by Scott Sigler a few days ago, and I’m halfway through Contagious. Thanks Poppy for mentionning the triangle book, and thanks Dave2 for letting me know about the sequel. I’m completely hooked. Next, I decided to tackle Discworld. Apparently as a Geek, I need to read that. 😉 In other Sombre news, my credit card statement tells me I bought over 350$ worth of books last month. If only there was some kind of Blockbuster’s but for books. I’d go for that.

Edit: People, I know about public libraries. I was making what I thought was a obvious reference to this. 😉 

  • Known Issue: Somehow, being told that a vulnerability is on the known issues list, and might be scheduled for the next patch release does not make me feel secure. When will Apple branch out in the LMS business? I can dream, right?
  • Wii: I didn’t play Animal Crossing in over a month now. I’ve played a little Guitar Hero World Tour last weekend. I was informed by the annoying little voice that I didn’t use the WiiFit in 282 days – but I only gained 0.3kg (about 2/3 of a pound) in 282 days. It’s not all bad.
  • 7.5: I’m training myself to sleep seven and a half hours every night. I succeded 4 out of 5 nights at this point. In bed by 23:30, up at 5:00. Next, I’ll work on my math skills.
  • Washington DC: I’m all booked for my summer conference, and this year it’s in Washington DC. So if you’re around Washington DC between July 13 and July 17 and interested to meet me, let me know. I’m pretty booked, but I’ll make time for you. 😉

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet – and half of the previous one, really – for myself for when the actual madness comes.



Adorable my little Cthulhu and friends. That’s right… friends.


  1. @B.E. Earl: The number of books alone will boost my Geek factor. Plus, then there’s the order in which you should read them… Thankfully I found this useful graphic.

    @Avitable: So I guess you like your Kindle? I think they look butt-ugly. 😦

    @Sybil Law: Oh that Earl is a smart cookie. 😉

  2. Oh hey – whaddya know! People might have gotten the joke if you had initially linked it.

    Oh hey – whaddya know! I might be in DC around that time. Just for like, a day or so though.

    Oh hey – whaddya know! You live with a mathematical genius so you don’t need to learn math skillz.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently blogged Wait, Wait, Wait, Wait

  3. My first thought was, “Canada doesn’t have public libraries…” why didn’t we ask Mike about those when we were playing “Does Canada have?”

    Is yours called The Peace Library?

    I think you said you have The Peace Clock in Ottawa. I know The Peace Arch is in the White Rock area. It seems like a theme.

    I’ve never read the Discworld Books. Let us know what you think of them.

    delmer recently blogged Findings

  4. @Shiny: Sweet! Pillow fight!

    @Hilly: Thanks for outing me… 😉

    @SheilaCSR: Oh hey – what do I know really…

    @Delmer: The clock is actually just the clock. It’s the tower that’s called the Peace Tower. I’ll let you know about the DiscWorld thing.

    @CMG: Would you really want to borrow porn from a library? Ewwwwwww!

  5. Are you sure? Cat Stevens, who I’m almost certain is from Ottawa, has a song that goes something like:

    Now I’ve been smiling lately,
    thinking about the good things to come
    And I believe it could be,
    something good has begun

    Oh peace clock sounding louder
    Chime on Ottawa peace clock
    Come on now peace clock
    Yes, peace clock holy roller

    The “holy roller” lyric confuses me. Was Cat a Pentecostal before he found inner peace and converted to Islam?

    delmer recently blogged In Which I Defend Michelle Obama

  6. Well if you bought CONTAGIOUS with some of that $350 book debt, I have to assume you enjoyed INFECTED. Hope so, and I hope CONTAGIOUS gives you your money’s worth. I, too, have a problem with credit card statements and the book-purchase line items that populate them.

  7. @Delmer: I’m pretty sure. But don’t take my word for it. Trust Wikipedia.

    @Scott Sigler: I did enjoy INFECTED, and I just finished CONTAGIOUS about an hour ago, and have since discovered that PANDEMIC is in the works. I really like the setup, can’t wait to get it!

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