Oops I did it again.

LovelyWife almost set the house on fire tonight.


That’s awesome, because I didn’t know what to blog about for today.

She was cooking meatballs in the oven – the frozen kind that you just throw in the oven – on a baking sheet. After 15 minutes she pulled out the baking sheet, set it on a plastic cutting board, and proceeded to flip the meatballs over.   

She then put the baking sheet back in the oven.

She somehow failed to notice that the plastic cutting board was now stuck to the bottom of the hot pan. That’s an honest mistake because, you know, who would think that a plastic cutting board could do that.

She did wonder for a brief moment where the cutting board went, but she figured she had just imagined that there was one on the counter moments ago, and her hapiness caused by her thinking she did not burn the countertop took over her puzzlement.

That last paragraph? Her words.

About two  minutes later, I asked her if she was burning some plastic. She said no, of course. When the smell of burning plastic continued getting worst, I made my way to the kitchen and saw LW looking at the oven with that face. You know the face that told me she hed just realized where the plastic cutting board went.

The whole thing looked like melted wax from the top grill, to the middle, to the bottom element.


Liquid plastic is transparent. And hot.

So now, she let everything cool down,  and both trays are covered in plastic. 


It’ll take me about 45 minutes
a pair of pliers, and Xacto knife, a cold chisel
and a hammer to get rid of that.

The bottom element is now encased in plastic. In hard plastic.


Uh oh! time for a new stove?

Funny enough, that’s exactly what LovelyWife said. She’s been wanting a new stove for about a month now.

Oh no, no pictures! I have my glasses on!
Plus I put a plastic thing in the oven! 

Me suspicious.
I see this in my immediate future.

Well, unless I manage to save the other stove. But come to think of it, I’d rather have a new stove than a LovelyWife who’s looking for a way to get a new stove. 

Edit: I just saw BPR’s Stop or I’ll shoot post. I have a suspicion that LovelyWife reads BPR.


  1. What? how was I supposed to know that plastic melts when heated?

    GAHD! you are SO suspicious. In fact, you sound a lot like my husband….

  2. @BluePaintRed: That works, you sound a lot like LovelyWife. 😉


    @Avitable: Well, if I’m to do the cooking, we definitely need a new stove then.

  3. @Sybil Law: When she really wants something, she does this thing where she flexes her toes as she talks – it’s damn irresistible. Needless to say, I highly prefer that to setting the house on fire.

  4. Ha! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who uses plastic as a hot pad. Mike gets so frustrated with me when I do that.

    Did I ever tell you the story of how we got our new stove? Not nearly as exciting as almost setting it on fire, but it involves my father-in-law, the amazing, never-listens-to-his-children man…

  5. @Suze: Nope. If only you had a blog… I’m almost tempted to out you… (the link works). 😉

    @Mocha: Of course she’s a genius. She married me didn’t she? 😉

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