The Shiny LeSombre Meme

It all started with a simple Tweet from @Sash.

  • @Sash is downloading 80’s music for a mix CD I can listen to tomorrow on the way to a mini-reunion of my HS friends. Call it a Reunion Lite!!
  • @Sash Ok, People, need your help. Favorite song from the 80’s? Making a CD for tomorrow night. Whatcha Got?
  • @mr_shiny @Shash What kind of 80s song theme are you going for? Rock ballad? Bubblegum? So bad it’s good?
  • @LeSombre @Shash The Romantics – Talking in your sleep.
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Matthew Wilder – Break My Stride. Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart. Sly Foxx – Let’s Go All The Way. Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Hall & Oates – Adult Education. Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue. Pat Benetar – Hit Me WithYourBestShot
  • @LeSombre @mr_shiny Holy Crap dude, all excellent choices!
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Oo! Ready for the World – Oh Sheila!
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Denice Williams – Let’s Hear It For The Boy. (Tell me to stop whenever)
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Men at Work – Who Can It Be Now, Mr. Mister -Broken Wings. Mike and the Mechanics – All I Need is a Miracle. Jack Wagner – All I Need
  • @LeSombre @mr_shiny That’s it, I want you to make me a mix tape. In a totally heterosexual way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • @mr_shiny @LeSombre You mean like this?
  • @LeSombre @mr_shiny Mix Tape: Exactly like that! 😉
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Sussudio! Cassanova! Kokomo! Torture! Reflex!
  • @LeSombre @Shash Head over heels – Tears for Fears
  • @mr_shiny @Shash Head over heels – The Go-Gos
  • @mr_shiny @Shash You’re the Inspiration. Glory of Love. New Moon on Monday. I Don’t Like Mondays. Like a Virgin. Like a Prayer. Save a Prayer.
  • @mr_shiny @LeSombre Do you want a 60 minute tape or a 90 minute tape? If you have something to play it on, I’m game…
  • @LeSombre @mr_shiny For the sake of technology, just put together a play list – either 60 or 90 minutes. I think I’ll make a meme out of this. 😉
  • @mr_shiny @LeSombre On it.
  • @LeSombre @mr_shiny I’ll call the meme the “Shiny LeSombre Meme”. it has a nice ring. 😉 I’ll post that on Sunday.

And here we are. 😉

I now have in my possession 80 megs of goodness, compliments of the Shiny One. 48:28 of awesomeness. He even made an cassette insert! Look!


Click to embiggify

This is the fun part.

It wouldn’t be a meme if it was just a one time thing right? 😉 So, now it’s your turn. You get to ask me for an awesome 90 minutes mix tape, and I’ll make it happen. 

On the off chance I get multiple requests, I’ll randomly select one. 😉 The person selected will then offer to do a mix tape for someone else, and so on, and so forth. 😉

Isn’t that awesome?

One more thing:

I’m currently looking for a way to make sharing those mix tapes legit. I obviously don’t want to be in any kind of trouble. My best bet is mailing them – on a CD, probably. If you have any ideas on how to proceed with this, feel free to let me know! 😉



  1. Addendum: The mix tape listed above is available to listen to online. In order to retain the nostalgia of a cassette tape that has been left on a car dashboard for several hours before having some Jolt Cola spilled on it — I’ve decreased the sound quality just enough for your listening pleasure.

    [audio src="" /]
    [audio src="" /]

    shiny recently blogged Excuse Note

  2. i am so happy right now. love, love, love me some 80’s music.

    and if sly fox’s “let’s go all the way” is in my head, i know who to thank.

    p.s. as much as i want this on hard copy, i know i would suck at putting one together for someone. i’m terrible at memes in general, but this one involves technology and would be borderline impossible for me.

    hello haha narf recently blogged Friday Fuck

  3. I left my mix tapes, as well as the rest of my tape collection, back in my office in Vermont. Pretty sure by now it’s gone, but who knows…

    Poppy recently blogged

  4. Hey Big brother, you should post your high school graduation pictures with the tape, it would make a great CD cover, a nice Miami Vice picture 🙂

    Beat it!

  5. Oh, I love this!!! I used to spend hours working on making just the right mixed tapes for people when I was younger so I’m up for the challenge!

  6. You wanna know something VERY werid. Just got done playing Guitar Hero with the family and I thought, “yanno, I need to make a CD of all these songs that I like from this game.” Then I come to my reader while hubby watches Prison Break (I already watched it. Michael is so yummy and I couldn’t wait for Hubby to get home to watch it but nevermind that) So, weird that I was thinking of making a mix CD and you are making one!!!

    Janelle recently blogged If a tree falls down and nobody hears it, did it really fall?

  7. @Shiny: Double thanks, oh Shiny One!

    @Amanda: Suggestion noted. 😉

    @Hello Haha Narf: Bordeline impossible? Sounds like a good challenge to me… 😉

    @Poppy: Maybe someone is listening to them right now.

    @THE BROTHER: Dude, before you go talking about MY pictures, just remember I also have some of yours. Remember the one where you’re wearing a Power Glove? Hehehehehehe.

    @Sybil Law: Yay!

    @Suze: Good stuff! Plus if you win, I can deliver the tape to you in person. Did I mention you’re my coffee excuse now? “Well I had to, I was meeting Suze in Starbucks!”. 😉

    @Janelle: Uncanny. I say the same thing when I play Guitar Hero, and LovelyWife also watch Prison Break. Kinda like Bizarro World, huh? The only difference is that I’m the yummy Michael here.

  8. I love making mix tapes…..that’s pretty much the only CD’s I have in my car.

    I once made a mix tape for my husband that was meant to educate him on awesome bands because, seriously, it should be illegal for every person in the world to not know every word to legendary songs by Kiss, Guns N Roses, Poison, etc.

    I made it for him for Christmas and he couldn’t have the rest of his presents until he learned all of the song lyrics, titles and bands. I was so proud when he finally learned them all…….::tear::

    Oh – btw – count me in Sucka!

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently blogged Bye Jack!

  9. @SheilaCSR: Wow. Your Hubby really loves you. 😉

    @PocketCT: Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have to explore that thing. 😉

  10. @Suze: ENABLER! ENABLER! DANGER! (I love it). 😉

    @Becky: I’m counting you in. Any preference for the era?

    @Whall: You know if I make one for you, I’ll probably put in a lot of weird French songs, right? 😉

  11. I just want to win, but I couldn’t fulfill the second part. I need some one to do the tape for me. It could be possibly the only reason I married my first husband, ’cause he could put together awesome mixed tapes.

    I keep telling my husband that I can’t possibly by an iPod becaused I’d have to find and pay some one to program music for me.

    Mimi recently blogged Delinquants are us

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