One down, 42 to go!


I wonder if i can do one a day for the next 42 days. Probably not. 😉



  1. Ahh, that should make it a little easier to follow. I see I did start with the right Rincewind book at least. Now if only I could finish it.

    So, what did you think of your first venture into Discworld? I take the fact that you’re going to read more a sign that you liked it.

    Kevin Spencer recently blogged Friday Photo Random

  2. @Kapgar: There’s a group for that. I don’t think they met on a regular basis. 😉

    @NYCWD: Well, unlike marriage, there’s 43 books. 😉

    @Janelle: Banana umbrella five.

    @Whall: It depends if you put the Frisbee on 4 elephants that are themselves standing on a giant turtle.

    @Kevin Spencer: Yes, I liked it. The little “thumbs up” icon might not be too obvious. Should be easier to spot once there’s 4-5 of them on there.

    @Delmer: Just a little over a month before Towel Day.

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