Parenting Assvice – Sarcastica Edition

Before we start: Don’t forget that I’ll be putting together an awesome mix tape for you. Just go to the Shiny Lesombre Meme, and leave a comment. I’ll draw a winner next Monday. 

Yesterday at night, Sarcastica had her very own Lil’Castica. She Tweeted the whole time, and live blogged the whole thing. You can see her video on YouTube. and the first picture here.

I’m kidding. I hope I’m kidding. 😉

At 21:24, KarenSugarpants Tweeted: @sarcastica’s baby Nolan is BORN! 5 pounds, 11 ounces. Baby and Mama are doing fine! YAY!

Congratulations to the new family!

As usual, my only valid parenting advice is:

Disregard all parenting advice  you receive. 

You should probably print and frame that.

Oh, and if you’re new around here, I originally posted this when my friends Peter and Natasha had their baby, Kole. It still applies. 😉

Congrats to the mom, dad and kid!



  1. great. i spent two hours writing post (while catching up on my pvr crap) only to have it disregarded by you?

    but …but…you like my marriage advice!

    Karen Sugarpants recently blogged

  2. @Karen Sugarpants: Your post is awesome! You said pretty much the same thing I’m saying – in a much better way. Your “As far as parenting goes…” paragraph is exactly what I mean.

  3. @Sybil Law: Hehehe. 😉

    @Hello Haha Narf: This blog loves you right back!

    @SheilaCSR: ::twirls mustache::

    @Suze: Oh, if you get a kid, let me know. I already have a post ready. 😉

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