2nd Rate Citizen

Nothing makes me feel more like a second rate citizen then summer rolling around at my workplace.


This is a map of the places to get food or coffee on campus from September to the end of April. Click to embiggify. 


This is a map of the food places where we used to be able to get food on campus, but now that the sutdents are gone for the summer can’t stay open for the 5,000 employees only. Click to embiggify. 

  • Red dots mean closed for the summer.
  • Yellow dots mean reduced business hours for the summer (normally just open for lunch).
  • Green dots mean open as usual.

Please note that the north green dot is a Second Cup that’s not on campus. The south one is a pharmacy that sells plastic (wrapped) sandwiches and soft drinks.

Anyways, every year it’s the same thing and regardless of the multiple food surveys we fill every semester asking for some kind of decent food service over the summer we’ll probably never get anything done about this because it’s a numbers game.

40,000 people (35,000 students + 5,000 employees) is a much bigger number than 5,000 employees. But I think the fact that those 5,000 employees are the ones who make the business go is easily dismissed when we start putting profit above people.

I could go on about this all day, but I won’t. I’ll just leave you with this thought:

How come summer hours for employees only start June 1st, but all the food places are closed for the summer starting May 1st?




  1. I have a fridge at work. It’s literally within arm’s distance so I don’t even need to get up from my comfy chair while working to grab a pepsi, fruit cup or a couple spoonfuls of ketchup.

    whall recently blogged *MAYBE* I CAN!

  2. Don’t look at the lack of eating places as a problem — but an opportunity.

    Harvey’s has got a link on their site for people wanting to own a franchise. You could have free WiFi in yours.

    delmer recently blogged The Trouble with Porn

  3. @Sybil Law: Same here, but once in a while, you know.

    @BubbleWench: Of course I did! My dad has an impressive collection of lunchboxes.

    @Dave2: Maybe I can finally hit 500 pounds on that “plan”. 😉

    @Whall: Ketchup? Blargh!

    @SheilaCSR: I do bring pizza from home. It’s only discusting because you’re a little weird. And fearful of trying new things.

    @Delmer: That would be a real good thing. Plus, my salary is already in line with a burger flipper’s salary.

    @Avitable: Good people, good food.

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