A massive update


Almost as massive as Dave2’s nozzle. Now with pictures.
  • Clean BBQ
  • Get Propane for BBQ
  • Pick-up garbage that made it’s way in our yard from back neighbor
  • Do something with the lawn (pictures might help you understand that one)



Extra points if you can guess WHY it is like that...


  • Change furnace filters
  • Trim front yard tree
  • Refinish mailbox
  • Hang mailbox
  • Install outside water tap
  • Finish kitchen ceiling patch (apply 2nd & 3rd coat)


Goodbye pervert cat!

Goodbye pervert cat!


It is a labor of love. And layers.

It is a labor of love. And layers.





  • Stucco ceiling
  • Paint dining room / kitchen / corridor ceiling
  • Buy blinds for kids rooms playroom and office
  • Install blinds
  • Finish office window drywall (mud and tape)
  • Buy framing material for office and playroom windows
  • Frame and finish office window


Look, it is almost done!

Look, it is almost done!



  • Frame and finish playroom window

Of course, that’s on top of the regular stuff we do on the weekends:

  • Get groceries
  • Wash / Dry / Fold / Put away clothes
  • General cleaning (sweep, dust, clean bathrooms)

Here’s what I really want to do over the weekend:

  • See Wolverine
  • See Star Trek
  • Drink some Sangria / Wine / Scotch
  • Have pizza
  • Get a cowboy hat (all the kids are doing it!)

Not a bad week-end, right? 😉



  1. The yard looks like that because, per a website I visited, “when it looks like there is nothing to eat on the winter tundra, caribou will scrape the snow away with their wide feet or antlers and eat lichens, dried sedges and small shrubs.”

    Was your yard heavy in sedges near the walk? Is your DVD collection heavy with The Closer DVDs?

    delmer recently blogged My Day

  2. Because people walk there? You should add:
    Plant flowers on the bare patches to repair yard
    Widen walkway.

    I am so helpful!!
    I think you had a good weekend. Go, LeSombre!

    Sybil Law recently blogged Love….

  3. Damn, dude, you made me tired just reading all the crap on your honey-do list. I’m guessing there’s no grass next to your sidewalk because your cattle have outgrazed the land. You should move them to another pasture, rotate the crops, so to speak.

    How’d you like Wolverine? Haven’t seen it yet, but I did see Star Trek yesterday. LOVED it.

    Karl recently blogged Tonight on SecondHand Radio – Yes, THAT Mindy!

  4. My lawn is like that because I shoveled a path there this winter – normally I don’t shovel the access to the front door during the winter. You can sort of see the path curving to the left in front of the hedge, I dumped the snow at the end of the yard there.:

    @Delmer: Caribou huh? Interesting. ;-P

    @Sybil Law: People walking on the grass killing it only happens in Animal Crossing. 😉 My extended list mentions “buy more pathway stones”.

    @SheilaCSR: Well, I don’t put everything on the list… 🙂

    @Karl: I liked both movies. I’ll have complete reviews up soon, but I like Star Trek better than Wolverine.

    @MartyMankins: Well, a rainy weekend will do that. 😦

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