tYotP: K

This post is part of the Year of the Purge : A to Z series. Every other Sunday, I’ll get rid of something starting with the letter A and working my way to the letter Z by the end of December. This week I’m getting rid of K.


Need I say more?

About once a year I get a mad craving for KFC. About once a year, I eat some KFC. About once a year, I get severe “stomach upsets*”. I really think those two are connected somehow.

No more KFC!

*Do any of you know of a nicer way to say explosive diarrhea?



  1. I guess I’ll be the one to clue you in….there really isn’t a polite way to say “explosive diarrhea”….besides it’s funnier when you say “explosive diarrhea”.

    I ❤ KFC – but not their chicken….even the crispy chicken is always soggy. But I do love me some mashed potatoes. I haz a stomach o’ steel.

    Sheila (Charm School Reject) recently blogged Rebuttal

  2. The same thing happens to us. We live down the street from a KFC and can smell it from time to time and it builds up our craving. So once every year or two, we cave and buy some… and get sick as dogs. Time to kick the K.

    kapgar recently blogged Where are we runnin’…

  3. @THE BROTHER: Hum… Ouais. 😉

    @Avitable: Good idea!

    @Hilly: That’s because you’re a smart cookie. 😉

    @Dave2: I bow down (but not behind you!).

    @SheilaCSR: Then you should have a bucket, it’s not chicken!

    @Sybil Law: Well, you’re not Wonder Woman for nothing.

    @Kapgar: But it smells so good! 😉

    @Chrissi: I’m the same way with McDonald’s now.

    @Becky: Giggle away woman!

    @Suze: No more! Starbucks on Monday, right?

  4. I have that issue with McDonalds, once a year craving, and then WHOOSH! Clean system…

    Ever since Avitable had that ‘issue’ a while back while he was traveling, in my mind, I affectionately call it “AdamAss”.

    I’m sure he would be thrilled to know that. 🙂

    bubblewench recently blogged Skywatch Friday

  5. @Delmer: Actually, we say “le flux”. 😉

    @BubbleWench: AdamAss. That has a nice ring to it.

    @MartyMankins: Yes to PFK, which stands for “Poulet Frit à Kentucky”.

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