So I married an axe murderer

All right, I did not marry an axe murderer, but I did marry a mathematician. 

In my defense, she was not a mathematician when I married her, she was just weird. 😉 She only got weirder later. 

Can you find my LovelyWife in this page? That’s the line-up of speakers for the F2009 SAS Business Forecasting Conference. I’ll give you a minute. 

Hint: She’s the sexiest person on the page. Well, unless you have a Dr. Phil fetish. You perv.

And if you’re too lazy to go to the page, I made a mosaic of all the conference’s speakers right here!


Oh, there’s also one impostor, can you find the impostor?



  1. @Sybil Law: Thanks!

    @SheilaCSR: That’s why I call her LovelyWife. 😉

    @Avitable: I blame a combination of being French and drunk at the time I wrote the post. And also, probably the same way you managed to mispell “manage” in your comment. 😛

    @Faiqa: You have a Dr. Phil fetish? How strange…

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