Month: June 2009

Sine of the times


Work is this sine wave of excitement. I have intense periods of all kinds of stuff to do, followed by moments where nothing happens.

Now, if you believed that, I got a bridge to sell you.

Truth is ever since I started in this university business, the work flow has changed dramatically.

In the first year,  we had 2-3 intense rush periods – mainly at the beginning of semesters. Then it morphed into six periods of intense activities – adding the final exams period. For some reason someone decided that the summer – which used to be fairly dead – was going to be intensive course country. Of course, the 2-3 rush weeks turned into month long affairs, and then the midterms flared up, and then we took on this Africa project and bla bla bla…



Of course, This makes me react like every other sane human being would, I focus all day on nothing but work work work and then I avoid all external work like a bad cliché.

And if you believe that, I could rent you the moon for a very reasonable monthly fee. Ask me about it but make sure you use the promo code “GULLIBLE”.

I think I’ve done more external work, Facebook surfing, Twitter watching, Mafia War playing in the last three months than I ever did in the previous year. This creates an interesting vicious circle, where I’ll stay up later to “unwind” from the work day, but will inevitably end up doing some work (you gotta love the ole Blackberry). So the next day at work, when I start to lose my concentration I think to myself:

“Meh, I can take a 10 minute break since I worked until 10 pm yesterday”

Of course, 10 minutes turn into 25, and then when I get home at night I feel guilty about the long break I took at work, so that makes me stay up until 11 pm playing “catch-up”, and I always get to work 45 minutes earlier to kick start the day, but since I stayed up until 11 pm, I get sleepy, take a longer break. The next day I’m even more sleepy, so I pause more often and fell more guilt so I stay up until midnight… You see where this is going, right?

Luckily, I see it too.

I might flat-line soon too if I keep going at life this way. It’s really time to make some major changes in the way I manage my time.

A drinking game – answers


Thanks for playing… Nobody was spot on, so what should I do now?

I’ll just have another drink while I await your suggestions. I promise I’ll be back to more substantial posts soon. 😉

Oh, I did beat BluePaintRed at Tic-Tac-Toe over Twitter. Who said Twitter was a waste of time?