I’m reading this


Sadly, it’s not a how-to.



  1. Wings on helmet..I don’t get it. You can’t run fast if you’re running with areobreaks on!

    We have the french version of the book in my school! It’s one of the most popular book in senior year.

    The web site of the book is geeky.

  2. @Kapgar: I will. Although, if I become invincible I might not want to share the secret…

    @BubbleWench: Of course, I’m almost done now. 😉

    @THE BROTHER: geeky, popular in high school, runs slow. You can see why this book is a good fit for me, huh?

    @Delmer: It might increase the amount of fights I get into, and if I survive them I’ll be invincible in a way, right?

    @NYCWD: Yes I will! Yes I am! W00t!

    @Dave2: I might stop around page 250 then. ;-P

    @Suze: Hey it still might be who knows!

    @MartyMankins: It’s good to have a stack. What do you have in yours, I’m always looking for more ideas…

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