My kids the artists

Every year, my kids’ school has an event where all the kids from the school draw stuff on the sidewalks around the school.


CutieDaughter drew the leaning tower of Pisa, which seems to have been moved to Holland.


The artist and her drawing.


AudaciousSon drew the solar system, in an apparent once in a lifetime planetary alignment.


The artist with his work.


And that’s all you’re getting, because I’ve been trying to solve a certain person‘s template issues, and it’s 23:53 and I have to go to bed now.



  1. Those are some talented kids. I especially like the Leaning Tower of Pisa visits Amsterdam…

    Comment love clearly does not love me – I can’t get it to bring up my latest post…

  2. @Suze: I think CutieDaughter will really be an artist, because I noticed she tends to fill the whole “surface” with colors. You don’t see that a lot in kids.

    @Faiqa: Proof that LovelyWife had something to do with it… 😉

    @SheilaCSR: Thanks! But what do you think about my kids’ drawings?

    @Sybil Law: I’ll try to post my favorite pieces from them. Some stuff is pretty cool.

    @Kevin Spencer: I especially like that since he didn’t have space for Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to the left, he aligned them to the right instead. And Pluto? Totally a planet. 😉

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