Happy Bro-day to my baby Brother!

Every year my baby brother gets older and older (and older and older).

Every year, I try to do someting a little funny to mark the event, like last year post: Happy Birthday do my baby Brother! After all, what good is a blog if it doesn’t replace buying gifts for loved ones? That’s partly why I started to blog you know, because the cost of gifts was seriously preventing me from meeting my monthly alcohol acquisition goals.


And with a brother like that, who wouldn’t drink alcohol, really?



  1. Can I go outside my house looking like that?

    Cheers BIG BROTHER

    XXX (Not like a sexual triple-X way cause your my brother!)

  2. @Whall: It’s been known to happen… 😉

    @THE BROTHER: If you do, just remember to scream “I’m Charlie Chaplin!” when people start looking at you in that strange way…

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