Je me souviens


I remember
That born under the lily
I grow under the rose.

– Eugène Étienne Taché (1836-1912)



  1. Je me souviens quand c’etait “La Belle Province” Je pens que le Canada a deux langues official mais pas ici dans la Colombie Britannique 🙂

  2. Il y a seulement le N-B qui a officiellement 2 langues oficielles. Le Canada a une seule langue officielle (L’Anglais), mais il offre le service en français pour les 8 millions de rfancophones.

  3. Let me guess, it’s your birthday???!?!? If so, Happy Birthday. Or is this like your country’s 4th of July? If so, Happy 4th of July! Or did someone important die, if so, I’m sorry.

    It’s these posts that make me feel so small because I have to come face to face that the world is not in fact just English speaking and just what I’ve created in my own little bubble. The world is much bigger than I even realize 99.9% of the time. I forget that until you get all Canadian on me and remind me! 🙂
    .-= Janelle´s last blog ..They ARE Priceless… do they know that? =-.

  4. @Flo: I remember “La Belle Province” too.

    @THE BROTHER: Well, according to the official language act: WHEREAS the Constitution of Canada provides that English and French are the official languages of Canada and have equality of status and equal rights and privileges as to their use in all institutions of the Parliament and government of Canada; […] Looks like we do have both languages as official languages.

    @Janelle: Yesterday was Quebec’s “4th of July”. But the whole post is in English, only the title is in French. 😉

    @SheilaCSR: That’s right, it was yesterday – I normally blog about things that happened to me, well, unless I’m making stuff up. Janelle can still buy me a present. 😉

  5. Le N-B est LÉGALEMENT la seule province billingue…les autres provinces sont unilingues. Chaque province accorde une prédominance à une langue.

    Français= 1 province
    Anglais = 8 provinces et 2 territoires
    Français et anglais = 1
    Inus = 1 territoire

    Français 1.5 VS LE RESTE 11.5

    Le canada reconnait le français à égalité avec l’anglais…Je ne pense pas, même si le gouvernement veut me faire penser le contraire.

  6. @LE FRÈRE: D’accord mais la question était “Je pense que le Canada a deux langues officielles”. Effectivement, le Canada a deux langues officielles.

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