I got a bike…

Ok, who immediatly thought “You can ride it if you like it?” 😉


I finally made LovelyWife to happiest woman on the face of the earth and got myself a bicycle.

Of course, since LovelyWife is absolutely not the most extremist person I know, she absolutely didn’t go on The Google to google shit like “bike your ass around the world“, “properly secure your bike“, “get a 4 bike hitch thing for your Nissan Rogue“, “bike to your office“, “camping equipment and trailer to attach to your husband bike” and “How to bike to Alpha Centauri with a couple of babies and a goldfish“.

At least she’s happy. She’s the kind of girl that fits in with my World.

Now if you’ll excuse me while I try to ride that wave of hapiness as long as possible…



  1. The worst thing about a new bike is the ass pain! You should buy yourself a V shape seat, the one with a hole in the midlle. The V seat is design to prevent ass and testicules pains.

    Michael Jackson turn white because he looked Chuck Norris in the eyes!

    Do you know what is brown (or white) and often found in a baby diapper?
    Michael Jackson

    Have a nice day!
    .-= THE BROTHER´s last blog ..Quoi, en le regardant je pensais qu’il était déjà mort! =-.

  2. @THE BROTHER: I have testicular fortitude Bro. Yo.

    @Sybil Law: I can think of at least one form of exercise that is more fun to do. Can’t you? 🙂

  3. Don’t forget, whenever you’re on the bike you are superior to everyone around you that is not on a bike.

    I quote from Doug Adams (From “The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul.”) :

    “He stepped out on to the street, where a passing eagle swooped out of the sky at him, nearly forcing him into the path of a cyclist, who cursed and swore at him from a moral high ground that cyclists alone seem able to inhabit.”

    Please be advised that when issues of superiority and mass come into play, mass always wins. Be mindful of SUVs.

    Congrats on the bike purchase.

    Word up.
    .-= delmer´s last blog ..Full Network Drives =-.

  4. @Delmer: would you be surprised to learn that I almost got hit on my way back the first day I rode the bike? I figured I’d get “the near miss” out of the way as quickly as possible… 😉

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