Proof by 4

1) I got a bike on Thursday. Maybe you read about it?

2) My backpack is 22 pounds. Including the laptop.

3) I’m ::cough:: alottapounds ::cough:: no really I’m ::cough:: reallyreallyalottapounds ::cough:: fat.

4) It took me ONLY 45 minutes to bike all my pounds to work.

Proof by 4 that I’m insane. You’ll excuse me now while I go take a well-deserved shower.

P.S.: Just in case this isn’t clear: When I looked at the route I could take to get to work, I guesstimated the total distance at about 9km – there was a scale on the map, but they’re all curves and LovelyWife told me that the map was not exact anyways. I figured if I could start by biking this in one hour to get to work and 75 minutes to head back, I’d be a happy fat man. I thought that 45 minutes in would be what I could hope for by the end of the summer. To hit 45 minutes on the first day makes me really happy. Of course I know this mostly means that I estimated badly, but please don’t burst my bubble already. 😉

Told you I was crazy.

Edit: Google maps says that it’s 8.85528 km (5.50242 mi).


Clicking makes it bigger.



  1. Nice job on pedaling to work.

    By giving up the car for the day you have made Canada even more beautiful and better place than it originally was.

    You’ve made the air less polluted as 1) not only are you not making any auto emissions you are 2) sucking in the emissions of others, filtering them through your lungs, and expelling cleaner air.

    You are helping keep gas prices low by reducing demand. AND … by not buying gas you’re sort of sticking it to The Man by refusing to buy into his outrageously-taxed-gas scheme.

    Finally, you are acting as an inspiration for others to ride. I know this to be a fact… sensing you would ride today I rode to work as well; my trip is just under 3 km (that’s 1.8 miles to my homme-boys).
    .-= delmer´s last blog ..State of the Blog: Content Remodel =-.

  2. @Delmer: I wished my work was at 3km a few times yesterday. 😉

    @Hello Haha Narf: I must admit I was slightly proud of myself for doing this. 🙂

    @SheilaCSR: Pot. Kettle. ;-P

    @Suze: Way to get back too!

    @CMG: Thanks! Please, no bowing. 😉

    @Sarah: ::blushes::

    Thanks for all the good words everyone! Even Sheila. 😉

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