Shiny Happy People Holding Hands

As I watched insane amounts of people filing in, I got somewhat excited. First of all, the place had to be good if that many locals were lining up to eat here. Of course, I got that feeling as soon as I set foot in the place.





Adding to the thrill of finding an awesome place to eat, I was mere moments away from meeting the Shiny One. Of course in true LeSombre fashion, I got there early and played up the Canadian thing. That got me a sampler of Chilies and some really awesome jalapeno poppers. Oh, I had a beer.

My mind was also racing as I pondered the implication of having both the Shiny One and the Somber One in the same physical location. Would this be a clash of Titans? A rumble in the jungle? Would we simply cancel each other and act like regular guys? As Shiny recently decided to live the life of a recluse, I wondered if I would even recognize him. Would he show up with hair down to his knees? Would he sport extra long nails à la Sabertooth? Would his hygiene be up to par? How would he fare in a social context, faced with what he might very well consider as the personification of his nemesis – blogging.

7h20 rolled around and I wondered if I had been stood up. But then I remembered that Shiny had said “seven-ish” which is yiddish for “I’ll be there when I’ll get there you big Canadian oaf” or someting like that.

So I waited. Every time the door squeaked my eyes darted to the foyer.

So, what happened when light and shadow collided?


Mosaic of awesomeness

Wouldn’t you like to know. 😉

Oh right. That’s kind of the whole point of this post. Fine you voyeurs. I think as far as first dates go, this was a fairly successful one. We talked about work, about our families, about life in general, about food and coffee, about – well anything and everything. I had a five dollar shake and we won the dance off (we didn’t really win, I just punched the firsts place winners and we stole their trophy).

I had a blast. Of course I’m kidding about the shake / dance contest, that’s from Pulp Fiction. It was really the kind of simple event that I like, and once more I got to meet an awesome guy because of blogging. Who knew?

And with that, I’m off to bed. I leave in the morning and I’m not packed.



  1. Twas a wonderful evening. Thanks for not laughing at me for hightailing it 14 blocks down to the Waterfront only to return after I found out you were already at Hard Times, thus making me all sweaty and gross. 🙂

    Possibly my favorite part of the evening was when you found me on your hotel room floor foaming at the mouth from my heroin overdose — when you revived me with that adrenaline-filled syringe which you jammed straight into my ticker. Good times…

  2. @Shiny: Hehehehe. Let’s not wait another 37 years to do this again, okay? 😉

    @Hello Haha Narf: Totally hetero date? Of course!

    @SheilaCSR: Sure thing!

    @Sybil Law: Thanks! Finally someone notices… 🙂

    @Whall: We could expand the mosaic. Austin you say… Mmmmm.

    @Faiqa: I miss Shiny too. 😉

  3. @Hilly: Yeah, I noticed the whiteness. I blame the bad hotel lighting and the laptop’s camera. But hey, I’m all for some time in Florida, I know a lot of cool people that live there… 😉

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