Kidless Week: Day Two.

Hey! I’m somewhere else in Canada today… Come and join me at BluePaintRed’s place! If you noticed, I also stole her smileys. Hehehehehe. :twisted:

But just for kicks and giggles, I’m sure you’re dying to know what my second kidless day was like. Actually, it’s the dinner menu you’re intrested in aren’t you? I put all that stuff in an extended entry.

Now scoot over at BluePaintRed’s place. Come on, go on.

The restaurant: Murray Street, 110 Murray Street Ottawa, Ontario.


We got some cocktails, LovelyWife getting the Street Walker Martini – Pickled ginger, raspberries, twist of lime, sparkling wine, Canadian Club, and raspberry liquor and I had the Murray Street Caesar – Signature clamato juice (homemade), Iceberg vodka, and cheese Wiz swiped celery stick. This was my first ever Caesar, and I’m not sure how I feel about that drink yet.  sharing the Charcuterie Kitchen Platter (which is apparently pronounced “Shaq-oot-her-ee” when you’re an english speaking dude). It was made of beef heart, marinated ox tongue, country terrine with smoked pork tenderloin, Back Forty Bonnechere (Raw Sheep), Glengarry Fleur en Lait, olives, home made mustard. In one word, it was made of awesome.

Let me pause for a but while SheilaCSR finishes barfing and brushes her teeth.

LovelyWife had Sheets of Beef – Paper thin slices of Dan O’Brien’s naturally raised beef, Mrs. McGariggles mustard, pickled milkweed pods, shaved Glenngary Fen cheese, Persall’s soy oil. I had the Mariposa Duck, duck, duck – Boneless confit of leg, sliced roast breast, duck sausage, sour cherries & lentils, & Spicolli’s rhubarb glaze.

The plan was to then grab a dessert somewhere else in the ByWard Market. Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans…

LovelyWife couldn’t pass the Rhubarb – Frozen Vanilla Vodka cheesecake, in-house maple-pecan cookie, Spicolli’s rhubarb. Of course, I absolutely had to try the Chocolate Pudding – Dark chocolate-espresso pudding, orange-ginger compote, sea salt caramel. Just so you know, when Dave2 does a “Davettawa”, we are definitely going there – it was that good.

And by the way, if someone could explain that sign to me, I’ll be eternally grateful. I mean, “Kitchen | Wine | Charcuterie” is a little confusing. For sure ot doesn’t mean that they make kitchen, wine and charcuterie. Does it mean that they have a kitchen, wine and charcuterie? It just seems wrong since they actually use the kitchen, buy the wine and make the charcuterie. Maybe I should stop over thinking this and just have another Scotch.

Frozen Vanilla Vodka cheesecake, in-house maple-pecan cookie, Spicolli’s rhubarb


  1. @Sybil Law: No the “raw sheep” is a cheese, made from sheep’s milk that has not been pasteurized. 😉 The desserts were awesome!!!!! 😛 And you wouldn’t starve in Canada. This is by no means typical Canadian fare (but I’d like it to be!).

  2. @Becky: Have you seen me? I am not a thin dude by any means. What is “normal” food for you? 😎

    @Dave2: Just say when and I’ll be there. :mrgreen:

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