Kidless Week: Day 5.


Oh yeah. All good things must come to an end…

For our last day of kidless week, LovelyWife thought it would be fun to have a really nice meal at a place called Allium. It’s located near her workplace. So we made our way over there, only to discover that the restaurant was closed for renovations until mid-August.


Notice how I didn’t say anything like “we shockingly discovered” or “we were surprized to discover”? That’s because LovelyWife has a good track record of taking me to places – specifically restaurants – that are closed temporarily or for ever. SO much that she knew instantly that the above picture and this story would make my blog today. 😉

But, as they say, we turned lemon into lemonade. Specifically Absinthe‘s Hard Lemonade, which we had as our pre-dinner cocktail. It was a great blend of Absinthe, Vanilla, Spiced Rum and a few other things I forgetr. Absinthe is a really cool place, and I’m really happy we went there. On with the food:

Lovely Wife had the Sea Food Trio, followed by the chilled Smokey Tomato Soup and the Roasted Pork Tenderloin as a main. I had the Charcuterie plate – it included an awesome Duck Parfait that was to die for – followed by a Cesar Salad and the famous Absinthe Steak Frites. Everything was awesome, but I didn’t get to sample LovelyWife’s food, because of that damn Bacterial Tonsillitis I mentionned earlier.

IMG00595-20090731-1826 IMG00596-20090731-1826 IMG00594-20090731-1813

From left to right: My apetizer, LovelyWife’s, a shot of the restaurant. Clicking makes it bigger.

I was too stuffed for dessert, but LovelyWife had the Sampler which is basically a Profiterole, a slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake, a fuit-filled Crêpe and a Crème Brulée all neatly aligned on a rectangular plate. I had one bite of the Chocolate Mousse Cake and it was delicious.

So there it is. Friday night marked the end of Kidless Week 2009. I think it was a great success.

Of course, I’m a little sad it’s over, but with each end comes a new beginning. So don’t cry for me, as Saturday is the beginning of


Wife in D.C., kids in Sherbrooke.  What crazy things will I do?



  1. God (FSM!) that looks disgusting! I’d say you should come to Chicago but you’d probably starve to death. We eat “normal” food like cheese pizza and we prefer our meat to be cooked.

    Aw, screw it! Come to Chicago anyway! We have Whatchamacallits and Moon Pies! I have excellent health insurance and a stock pile of antibiotics so we’re all good in ‘da hood!

  2. @Nat: Be careful what you wish for! :mrgreen:

    @Sybil Law: I had a kind of “back to basics” meal. It was awesome. Bachelor Week is gearing up to be… weird. 😀

    @SheilaCSR: I love Pizza. You can put duck and weird cheeses on a pizza you know? I think pizza is your gateway food. Oh and Mmmmmmm! Antibiotics! Yum! 🙄

  3. @Whall: Tonne is a metric ton. I don’t think it’s just a Canadian thing. I don’t get the “telling someone” vs “mentionned”. Is it the doubling of the n that you’re objecting to?

  4. Mmmm, I love Absinthe. I’m trying to convince Mike to go try the Steak Frites, but he’s suspicious of “them gourmet places” 😉 Maybe if I tell him his French doppleganger likes it…

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