Bachelor Week: Day Two!

[Imagine a graphic here]

What did I do today… Lemme see.

Woke up at 5:20 because of rain. Closed the window and went back to bed.

Woke up at 9:20. Got up, had breakfast (Bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam).

Washed and folded some clothes.

Sat in the living room and read.

Had lunch. Cesar salad.

Mowed the lawn.

Had an Iced Coffee.

Read some more.

Took a nap.

Folded some more clothes.

Unplugged the Wii to get it ready for transport to the cottage.

Made a pizza. No veggies.

Ate said pizza. Had a diet Pepsi no caffeine.

Watched some of the idiot’s box (Big Brother).

Had a few Jaeger Tonic.

Wrote this post.

And I did all of that wearing only underwear. Bachelor-Style.



  1. The best part- “I mowed the lawn” …. “I did all this in my wearing only my underwear”

    How could NOBODY pick up on that and make some really funny comment?!?!?

    [Imagine a really funny joke here]

    PS- I’m on team Jordan and Jeff. I hope Ronnie get’s bitch slapped and he cries again big fat cry baby… “I just want my wife” Boo freakin’ hoo you little cry baby with weird hair and ugly glasses. My hubby is NEVER EVER allowed to cry on TV and if cries while saying, “I just want my wife.” I will kill him.
    .-= Janelle´s last blog ..My Time Travel Experience =-.

  2. @SheilaCSR: Hehehehe. Pizza is awesome.

    @Robin: Same here, but I like my neighborhood, so underwear are mandatory to mow the lawn. At least the front of the house. 🙂

    @Sybil Law: I wear underwear all the time! Well, except for a few commando Fridays.

    @Janelle: Your hubby is a lucky man. 😉 I like J&J. Ronnie’s an ass.

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