The Circle of Life


The hot topic right now: How can we optimize our resources? I shit you not.



  1. This opens a new perspective on the use of public money…

    Could be worse, as they did at Sherbrooke’s University, could be the only door to that room…

  2. @Sarah: Yay, first reply!

    @Sarah: Bwhaaa haa haaaa! That’s the funniest comment about doors ever! :mrgreen:

    @Patrek: That’s almost as funny as Sarah’s comment. 😮

    @Becky: I completely agree. They should optimize the use of that expression. 😉

    @Hello Haha Narf: ! (How’s that?)

  3. @Poppy: I think someone has a plan somewhere. What that plan is remains a mystery… If you make suggestions I will pass them along. 😛

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