I don’t get insulted easily.

I mean, I do get insulted sometimes, but never to the point where I’m speechless. I’m always quick with some sort of clever comeback or witty retort. I swear. I tend to brush these off as fear, dumbassery or just plain lack of communication skills. I strongly believe that people are entitled to consider me a dumbass, an idiot or a jerk and voice that in some way. I recognize that some people are better at expressing this than others. In all my life, I have never cut all lines of communication because of one single insult.

Until now.

Now, I won’t get into many details – I’ve been writing and re-writing this for the past hour or so –  as this person would easily be identified by people who knows me IRL, and yes this person reads this blog, and I hope he or she recognize himself or herself.

Yesterday morning, I have been insulted like I’ve never been insulted before.

As I’m riding my bike to work, I see this person that I know, waiting to cross the street at a crosswalk. That person is also riding a bike. So I pull over besides that person and say hi, smiling. This was the reply I got:

“So you ARE riding your bike to work. I thought you were lying about that.”

I thought “WTF?” but I said… Nothing. The light changed, I said goodbye and we went our separate ways. And that’s the last interaction I’ll have with this person.

I guess I really don’t like being called a liar. I guess that’s funny since I make stuff up all the time on this blog, and I’ve been known to tell and embellish stories all the time. I like to think that people are smart enough to get the difference between me saying something like “I have X-Ray vision” and “I ride my bike to work”. I know, I have issues. I’ll go work on that now.

Goodbye, old “friend”. You’re a dumbass.

And FYI: I do have X-Ray vision.

Note to the reader: If you don’t live in Canada, specifically in the general Ottawa region, if you don’t know me IRL, if you don’t ride a bike to work, if you didn’t see me and talk to me on  Thursday morning around 7:30 – this post is not about you. And yes, all those conditions are cumulative. It’s not a parable in any way shape or form. I really did see someone I know, and we really had that verbal exchange. This only applies to one person.



  1. So can you selectively turn the x-ray vision off?

    I think it’d be kind of awkward if you were trying to say write a blog post and all you saw were the innards of a computer.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Cranky =-.

  2. @Sarah: Of course! There’s some stuff I really don’t want to see!

    @THE BROTHER: That’s because my X-Ray vision was bundled with a very powerful microscope.

    @Sybil Law: Yup. An idiot.

    @Becky: Meh indeed. I should wear the shirt. Always.

    @CMG: It’s not about you. I’d still be friends with you, even if I saw your head spin. :mrgreen:

  3. @Ren: It didn’t. Especially after the 10 minute discussion we had on the subject the last time we met. That person seemed very supportive and encouraged me to bike to work. What a letdown. 🙄

    @SheilaCSR: I think it has to do with global warming.

  4. I’m in Canada all the time … which, I think, puts me in the General Ottawa region by default … I know you in real life* … I ride my bike to work … wait, at 7:30 (American *or* Canadian) I was still asleep.

    (*Well, I met you. Does anybody know the real LeSombre? Aside from Lovely Wife?)

    Too bad about the run-in with the other guy. Was he French? (France French, not Canadian French.)
    .-= delmer´s last blog ..I’m Jim Belushi =-.

  5. @Poppy: No no, thank you. 😎

    @Lynda: I think that if “joking” was used instead of “lying” I wouldn’t have given this exchange a second thought. The power of words at work!

    @Delmer: Hahaha! A lot of people know the real LeSombre. Well, ok maybe not a lot. And no, that person was not French.

  6. Why would you lie about something like riding your bike to work? This person clearly can’t add 2+2 and, for me, I refuse to be people that can’t add 2+2. Therefore, I agree that you should no longer be friends with this person. Which is totally what you were waiting for, yes? For me to give you permission to not be friends with this person? LOL 🙂
    .-= Janelle´s last blog ..I Think I Love You… =-.

  7. @Janelle: Yeah, that person is not worth my time. It’s ok that you refuse to be people that can’t add 2+2, otherwise I couldn’t be friends with you. :mrgreen:

  8. if he’d said “I thought you were joking about that…” and then tossed his chin up with a smile and a wink, would you still feel so insulted?

    Would you be turned on?

    Cuz that’d be good to know. you know, in case we ever met and I said something like that.
    .-= whall´s last blog ..Loving the technology =-.

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