I should have named them Yin and Yan(g)

My kids. The Zadorables.


They seem to be sharing everything. Well, half of everything. For example:

Isaac likes spaghetti with sauce,
Zoé likes spaghetti with butter.

Isaac hates peanut butter,
Zoé loves peanut butter.

Isaac loves video games,
Zoé hates video games.

And so on.

So today it’s no great surprise that this morning:

Zoé has a 38.4C fever
Isaac has a temperature of 35.5C.

Now I need to go find a cowbell…



  1. @CMG: I think everything is okay now. Fingers crossed!

    @Sarah: Of course it’s a real thing! I’m sure someone will comment saying their kid lives buttered noodles! Ah, look:

    @Becky: Thank you, Sarah didn’t believe people ate buttered noodles. See Sarah? :mrgreen:

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