Orlando day 2: Epcot

We went to Epcot.

We had a blast.

I’m uploading pictures to Flickr, but it’s taking forever. 😉

Yesterday I hung out with Dawg and Poppy! Woot! Rachel and Robin made an appearance, but had to quickly go to bed to get up at the crack of dawn and to go swim with the dolphin. It’s always fun to hang with the Poppy & Dawg, you never know what crazy thing they’re gonna do. For example, I saw Dawg’s poop face yesterday. True story.

Oh and speaking of poop, the Hilton Bar remodel is awesome, but it still closes at midnight. Poop.

I don’t really know what our plans are for today, except for Blues Travelers tonight at the House of Blues. Lovely Wife will be hitting the gym shortly and I’m not sure if I’m just going to chill or join her. Maybe I’ll give the pool a try. Who knows!

I wish all my traveling buddies safe flights today. See you soon!



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