And so it begins…

All right, if my math is correct, the party has already begun so I can reveal my costume for you folks who are not attending or will be fashionably late. 😉

In keeping with the party theme, I decided to go as something that invaded us this last year:


Mike as the famous “Avitaball’d” picture.


It’s the new RickRolling, I tell ya!

It was fairly easy to do and simple to carry on the plane too! I was just hoping custom agents would not search my luggage and find the homemade accessory needed to pull this off.


Yup, that’s homemade (thanks to LovelyWife)

So there you have it. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of action shots tomorrow.

Oh, and if you don’t get it, you might want to look at this first.



  1. there were some really, really great costumes at the party. and yours blew them all away. seriously…best costume of the night. that took brains. and balls. literally!
    well played, good sir!
    .-= hello haha narf´s last blog ..Dreamin =-.

  2. @BluePaintRed: I missed that picture, but the face he made was really funny. Everyone laughed when I walked in. :mrgreen:

    @Ed: Thanks!

    @Amanda: Thank you! It was fun to make too. 😛

    @Hello Haha Narf: It was a pleasure to “hang out” with you guys. 😉

    @Suze: Hehehehehe.

    @Avitable: Well, you made it happen, really. 🙂

    @MartyMankins: Thank you!

    @SheilaCSR: Yay! I rule! :mrgreen:

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